Wednesday, February 5, 2014

From a cluttered apartment to a beautiful home

Don't judge a home by
It's size, Love, peace, smiles and care
Make it beautiful

"So this is my, sorry, our small house." Varun, Shreya's ordinary looking husband said.

Shreya looked around to notice that the flat just started and finished. It was a 2BHK apartment where hall was just a middle sized room.

"Buying your own flat in a city like Dilhi is not a small thing."  Her grand ma said before marriage.

But this flat didn't look new.

"Actually..." Varun broke her train of thoughts. "I have lived in this apartment for five years. It's near from my office and the location is nice so I decided to bought this flat. And..." He paused for a moment. "My budget allowed this only." He said.

"No, it's nice!" Shreya said trying to make her husband feel easy.

The location was indeed nice. The flat was not spacious but airy. "But anyway, just like you can't judge a person from his looks, similarly, you should not judge a beauty of a house from it's size." Shreya told herself.

In the two and a half months of courtship (After engagement) and one and a half month of marriage, Shreya had realized that Varun was very patient, polite and well mannered person who valued and respected his relationship deeply.

Shreya noticed that the flat was cluttered and a fridge and an AC were the only assets. "I didn't do or buy anything because I thought you'll do it according to your choice. I surrender this house to you to make this a home. After all you're the princess of this tiny palace." Varun smiled.

"Does he read minds." Shreya thought. But Varun's affectionate words and warm behaviour felt really good. After they settled a bit, Varun excused himself for a very important meeting, leaving her alone to think "How to make this cluttered apartment a beautiful home"

Shreya decided that this flats needs a complete makeover. Her own creativity and Asian Paint Home Solutions will help her.

Light shade of paint makes your home look spacious. "White would be too plain." She thought and decided to go for lemon yellow. And it would be interesting to give the front wall of the living room a textured look.

After three days, just a nice paint by Asian Paints changed the look of her home. She bought bright coloured curtains and bedsheets to give the house a vibrant look!

She also bought two large mirrors as they create illusion of space! 

She bought a small yet comfortable and bouncy sofa cum bed set according to the size of her living room. She ordered a diwan for her bedroom so that she could store things in it's box.

She installed closets in the tiny kitchen and bathroom to make them clean and organised.

Image Link                                                       Image Link

Almost everything was done but a large shelf was looking at her agape. A door caouldn't be fitted on it as it would block the way to the balcony. So, she got a nice embroidered cloth stiched as a curtain to cover the shelf.

She also bought two tall and narrow hanging metal shelves to save some space.

Now, she was quite pleased with her effort to create a 'Tiny Palace". She could see praise and admiration in Varun's eyes, everyday he returned home, with some nice gifts for her.

Now, it was time to add some greenery. Shreya visited a nursery nearby and bought some small flower and ornamental leaf plants. She painted the pots with bright colours like red, blue and orange and added some coloured pebbles in them. She arranged them in the balcony and two tiny pots with sweet smelling flowers and leaves, were kept on the window of the kitchen and bathroom. A little tulsi plant was fixed on the wall of balcony.

Finally on the tenth day, she inhaled the refreshing fragrance of her new Home. It really looked nice!

A nice clock hanging on the clean coloured wall said it was 6 p.m. It was time to get ready for a romantic dinner date with her husband at....her "Tiny Palace" Today Varun was going to cook for her. A sweet and shy smile played on her lips.

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  1. House decorated with a touch of loving heart is a home. Nicely narrated, Good luck for the contest.

  2. I love the way you described the organization. Even a big house would look messy if things aren't organized well. Good thinking!! All the best for the contest Tarang! :)

  3. It's such a warm read with loads of practical ideas. I loved the title. Good luck, Tarang. :)