Sunday, February 23, 2014

Now, this is too much!!

This post is for the sweetness of Cadbury Five Star

This topic reminds me of a regular column in a famous Hindi magazine Sarita, "Mujhe Shikayat Hai", that used to be my first read if reading that magazine.

We are of course surrounded by many such people who bear some eccentric attributes that sometimes, create seriousness, though they might seem funny.

One night Mrs. Dutta saw the Puja (Worship) room open, plunged in pitch darkness. Her daughter Priya used to study in that little room and often slept there. Mrs Dutta went to the room to check on her daughter. As she entered the room, she stumbled upon a thing and it took her utmost balance to prevent herself from falling down. After recovering from the imbalance, she immediately switched on the light and saw that the 'thing' was Priya, lying on the ground, in front of the idols of deities in the Puja room.

Well, Priya is my childhood friend!

I knew she was very spiritual and religious. But sometimes, she was too much! Whenever I visited her, and saw her performing puja, I used to exhale in exasperation and think "Why I arrived at this time?" No, I'm not an atheist, but my friend used to spend a lot of time praying, and I knew I had to wait for long hours.

Once, while waiting for her, her mother sensed my exasperation and started chatting with me.

"Do you see that stripped paint on that wall?" She said pointing towards a small shelf adorned by little idol of Lord Krishna. There was a wide white spot on it's adjacent wall due to the removal of nice yellow paint.

"Do you know who did that?" She said and looked at my friend, who was still deeply engrossed in prayer.

Actually, Priya used to hit her head on the wall while praying to little Lord Krishna! And that regular bangs removed the paint. I couldn't help laughing.

She was so superstitious that she wore same dress throughout the exams. Okay, this is a bit common. How about this? She didn't eat chapatis before going for exam. Because, chapati was round and she feared that she would get a round (A zero) if she did that!!

She was a wonderful and hardworking student and scored great marks in exams but she used to say "My good marks are result of my prayers."

It's good to believe in God. To pray. To worship. But don't you think Priya's act was too much?
Okay, she might behave like a worship maniac, sometimes, but she is really sweet!

One of my far relative, a 'lean and withered' bhabhi, use to take bath every time she comes out of the toilet, suspecting some splash of dirty/flush water might have tainted her. She spends too much time in washing and cleaning, already washed and clean things, making the kitchen and house messy. She washes her hands unnecessarily, God knows how many times. In these frantic washing and cleaning process, she doesn't get time for her family, friends, guests and even for herself!

I badly wanted to tell her that "Please understand everything is clean now. Leave it. Spend some sweet moments with your family and take out some time for you at least!"

Then there are some omnipresent aunties, who doesn't mind coming out of a warm cozy blanket in chilly winter, just to check on the neighbour's fight to collect some gossips. Who puts her ultimate effort to extract minutest details of everyone's life.

"Why Mrs. Verma's daughter is not getting married even at 29?" "Why Mr. Sharma's married daughter is living with them?" "Why Ms. Shalini lives alone in that flat?" "Who comes to visit her quite often?" and so on...

Come on! How does it matter to you? Live and let live! Please allow people to tackle their problems their own way and give them some space to breathe. And how can you come out of a warm blanket in foggy winter just to watch a fight going on in your neighbourhood?

Many women, going through a bad marriage hesitate to take any concrete step for their life just because of our social structure. A society where extra-caring, over-bothering uncles and aunties live.

This not funny! This condition is really serious! Don't create such seriousness.

Declutter your mind. Give it some fresh air of happiness and peace.  Relish Cadbury Five Star and cherish sweetness, not seriousness, because seriousness is contagious.

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  1. I too have come across many an eccentric one like this.May be that they are highly ambitious or scared of failures.

    1. I think my friend was scared of failure, though she was a studious good student.

      Thanks for reading...:)

  2. Oh this is so relevant... Enjoyed reading it..thanks for sharing !

  3. The heart has funny ways of seeking comfort Tarang...One needs to realize that no one can hurt you unless you allow them to.

  4. The aunties seem to be in fashion for the seriousness Tarang ;) And some people's OCD seriously crosses limits. They need to be brought out of seriousness. All the best for the contest Tarang :)