Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Book-Review: Unsettled by Neelima Vinod

Finished reading Unsettled, a novella in e-book format, by Neelima Vinod published by Indireads.

The book is about finding and redefining love with a paranormal touch. The story tells about a married couple, Divya and Raghav, whose relationship seems to be unsettled. Divya wants to save her marriage and meets Dr. Ray, a consultant, who asks them to visit a Hundred room haunted and abandoned mansion in quest of mythical 'Scrolls of Love' buried in it to reignite their fading love.

The mansion hides a mystic story about the relationship of Shankara, a poet and Thathri, a seductress. This portion of the story is deep and very well defined.

Actually two interesting stories flow simultaneously in Unsettled. The author has managed a skillful POV (Point of View) or Era warp.

 Being a novella, it was a quick read but sometimes the story fails to maintain the grip and loses the feel of secrecy. The narration is lucid and writing style of the author is indeed beautiful.

Overall, for me it was a quick and nice read!

Thanks Indireads for a review copy for an unbiased review.

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