Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Recharge your life with positive attitude and a warm shower!

With the growing afternoon, Smriti's heart fills with sadness. She finds silence serene but when the silence mingles with illness it becomes eerie. She looks at her one-year-old son, who is moaning tiredly in regular intervals, opening and closing his eyes, red with fever.

As he slept, she cossets him affectionately. She puts him on the mattress, nestling him in the mound of soft pillows, and heads to the other room, where her elder son Ayush is coughing ferociously. She touches him to find he is still running fever even after several doses of medicines. Beside him, her husband Vinay is sleeping, unwell, tired with two sleepless nights. Claws of sadness and inexplicable loneliness clutch her. Sometimes series of troubles growls making life more difficult. But one thing Smriti has got as a blessing – A very caring and supportive husband…Vinay.

Suddenly, Vinay’s mobile phone blares. Smriti quickly grabs and answers, not wanting to disturb anyone.

“Hello.” She says in a low voice, returning to the other room.

“How’s Ayush now?” Maya, her sister-in-law asks, sounding concerned.

“Um…no…he is still sick. And now chhotu baby has fallen ill.”

“Oh, what the doctor says?”

“Prescribed some medicines and asked to continue.” Smriti said, feeling sad, worried, and tired at the same time. She doesn’t want to think how 'she' is feeling. Sometimes, she feels like vanishing somewhere.

“Okay, you take care. We are coming tomorrow.” Maya says and disconnects the call.

Smriti feels irritated. No, Maya is really nice and supportive and Smriti really liked to spend time with her but she doesn’t want any guests at this point of time. No matter what, you have to be attentive when someone arrives at your home. But then, she thought it would be good to have someone at home.

“Who was that?” Vinay interrupts her worried thoughts.

“Didi. She is coming tomorrow. How’re you feeling?”

“Better. I badly needed some sleep.” Vinay says and touches the sleeping baby gingerly. “I think fever is coming down.”

“Thank God!” Smriti gets up from the bed. “I’ll make you some tea.” Suddenly, a pile of utensil in the sink flashes in her mind. Oh, this maid has a perfect timing. Her headache becomes prominent.

“Oh, thanks! I so need that. But then you have some sleep. Don’t worry; I’ll look after the kids.” Vinay says softly and Smriti’s heart fills with gratitude. Then Vinay shrinks his nose, “What’s this smell?”

Smriti realizes that in this hodge-podge, she didn’t take bath for two days. Proper meals, nursing and caring consumed all her personal time.

“Oh, I’m stinking I guess. I badly need a hot shower.” Smriti says and heads for the bathroom. She switches on the Racold Water Heater and makes some tea meanwhile.

Sometimes, despair shatters the hope but it’s very important to collect it. Smriti thinks, trying to ease herself as she watches the water boil in the saucepan.

The warm shower seems therapeutic. Nice fragrance of soap and shampoo is relaxing. With the rising steam, Smriti finds her spirits rising. She realizes that “life is just like that. It gifts you some joyous moments to enjoy and on the other hand, it tests your courage by some difficult times. You just have to fight.

“Whenever your heart starts to sink into the marsh of despair, it’s very important to pull it hard immediately and recharge it with positive attitude and of course with a relaxing hot shower! There will be a bright tomorrow.”


  1. Nothing soothes you better than a warm relaxed shower... Good luck for the contest Tarang