Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My Dream Library!

Being an avid reader, I always dream of a library. In my childhood, I used to search my favorite novels, secretly, as we were not allowed to read novels then, from a mini library at home.

My husband says I have a mystic glint in my eyes whenever I enter a book store or even see loads of (my favourite) books. Really! Although these days online bookstores have changed the scenario, I love to get lost in a grand bookstore, browsing through the huge stacked shelves with ample of uninterrupted time!

Whenever I think of setting up a library, two things come in my mind. First, the design or format of the shelves. I like it to be stylish and modern with a traditional touch!

Second, it should be within my reach, while I'm reading. And I like reading lying cozily, savouring the kiss of lovely nature. So, what kind of library it could be? I wonder.

Recently, I came across a picture and my idea and imagination about a perfect library somehow found a destination. Have a look!

I find it serene and magical! And sometimes, I just want to get lost in this cozy yet bright place and read and write and think or just rest....totally undisturbed!

Sharing this post with Indiblogger's initiative IndiSpire : What would your dream library look like?


  1. Wow I fell in love with that one!!! :)

  2. Looks like an ideal place to be lost in :)

  3. I would love this library, with one exception. I would prefer a comfy, overstuffed chair instead of a lounge.

  4. very well written...I can relate with the much I too wanted to have one cozy corner in my house too for reading n purely reading.

  5. Are wah!! Badhiya arrangement ki ho.. But all English books? Kuchh Hindi books bhi rakh lo didi.. :D

  6. Are Wah!! Great arrangement. But only English books. Kuchh Hindi pustaken bhi rakh lo! :D

    1. This is my dream library! Aur Hindi books hai na...tumhaari book...Swayamvar!:)

  7. That would be the dream Tarang, surrounded by books, by the window, deep inside a magical world.

  8. Found myself there in my dream too...:) Wish I would be there...:(

  9. Wow!!!! enough to fall in love with (: