Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Book Review: It's not my favourite by Rue

Finished reading "It's not my favorite" by Rue, first novel by the author and first book in the Lake Effect series. It's my favourite genre and some really nice reviews raised my interest.

It's not my favorite is a contemporary story about two sisters, Gwen and Rachel, entirely different from each other, who grew up under the piercing eyes of a preacher's wife who keeps saying "Well, it's not my favorite."

Gwen is an independent good, responsible girl, trying to find real happiness for her, and dreams of a handsome stranger. Rachel is outgoing extrovert girl who has a deep secret about her life that nobody knows.

This is a story about family bonds and secrets. It's about seeking love, independence and happiness.

The story line is nice and the characters are well sketched. But I think the execution of the story is a little slow. Conversations are too casual and sometimes I felt the dialogues were unnecessary and it could have been presented in narrative form. Frequent usage of regional slags were disturbing for me and I think it should be avoided in a book.

Writing is simple and neat. I liked the pictures on the back cover but the book cover is dull and I didn't understand the purpose of keeping such cover for a Chick Lit.

Overall, it can be an interesting read for those who like reading Chick Lit and light fiction.

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I received this book from the author for an honest review. Thanks Rue!

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