Thursday, December 4, 2014

Childhood Revisited!

There is an old stair that leads to a half built house. As I climbed up, I see a serene river, glinting in the aura of crimson evening. A faraway boat enhances the charm of mesmerizing vista. A sense of déjà vu hits me. Everything around looks so familiar!

 I look at a half built house and I proceed towards it. There is a compact room. A little girl with furling hairs is playing hopscotch. She is wearing a frilled frock but I can’t see her face as her back is towards me. Soon, another little girl joins her. It seems that I know this girl. Suddenly, a little boy arrives chuckling. He is the cousin of the second girl. Wait! How do I know that? I am bewildered. They start playing together jubilantly, neglecting me totally. I am eager to have a look at that first girl who was playing hopscotch.

A shrilling sound trembles the view. Suddenly, that girl, with furling hairs turns to look at me and smiles, leaving me utterly shocked. I recognise her instantly. It’s me!

I open my eyes to a glowing morning. I smile as I realize that I have just revisited my childhood in my dream.

I had is bizarre dream two nights back. Have you ever revisited your childhood in your dreams?

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  1. sounds like a beautiful dream a return to a time of innocence

  2. Wasn't expecting that end! Good one! I have had weird dreams but I can't remember any of it once I wake up!

    1. Thank you! Oh, I dream a lot and remember most of them. I remembered a dream so clearly that I wrote a short story (Horror genre) :)

  3. we can't forget our childhood, I also dreamed of it several time, beautifully written combining the prompts


  4. Oh!Yes,quite often I visit my childhood in my sweet village.Nice remembrance,Tarang.