Sunday, January 4, 2015

Book Review: Just The Way You Are by Sanjeev Ranjan

Just The Way You Are by Sanjeev Ranjan is my first read of 2015. First thing I noticed in this book was obviously it's cover which is very catchy and modern. So is the title.

The book tells the story of Sameer, a Steve Jobs fan who is all set to start his dream job in Switzerland. He leaves just a day after his wedding, leaving his wife, previously his girlfriend, Shagun alone. Thinking of his husband, Shagun reads Sameer's diary, his precious, beautiful world. She discovers a secret hidden in it that may lead to a misunderstanding.

What's the secret? How would Sameer defend himself as he is not around to explain? What's the destination of their relationship?

You have to read this book to find these answers.

Well, the book starts really well. It manages to create nice imagery. So nice that you can almost feel that! The narration is smooth but sometimes it seems stretched. Execution of the story seems plain, and it doesn't support interesting storyline the modern book cover and excerpts suggest.

The point of view is unconvincing. The book starts in first person (which I liked) and then, it goes in diary form. Diary form was confusing as there are no dates mentioned. Sometimes very conveniently it switches to Shagun's point of view.

The scenes between Sameer and Shagun are written beautifully. I somehow missed the "What comes next factor', and those little, enjoyable situations which make a story engrossing.

Overall, for me it was an average read and I am a little disappointed. If you like light fiction you may grab it in your free time or it can be your nice companion when travelling.

I received this book from the publisher (Random House India) for an unbiased review.

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