Sunday, February 15, 2015

Book Review: The Nidhi Kapoor Story by Saurabh Garg

Crime thriller is not my genre (I think they are better if watched). When I got an e-mail from the author asking for review, I noticed three things. The book has got really nice reviews on Goodreads. This work was from a first time writer and published with Grapevine Publishers.

As  I said, The Nidhi Kapoor Story is a crime thriller, and the background is Indian film industry. The book starts with the description of Nishant Kapoor's, Nidhi kapoor's father and a successful actor, opulence.

The story takes a leap and ACP Prakash Mohile has been assigned to solve a case that is very closely related to Nidhi Kappor, who has followed her father's steps to become a successful bollywood actress. Rujuta Singh, a photojournalist tags along with ACP for her assignment. The case becomes more complicated with many unwarranted incidents and attacks. How deep the investigators need to go to find the roots, is something to find out in this book.

Although the book is titled as "The Nidhi Kapoor Story", this is basically Rujuta Singh's story. The plot is simple but the treatment and execution are nice. Mr. Saurabh Garg has done a commendable job as a first time author.

Situations are nicely described. Though I didn't find the character of Nidhi Kapoor much interesting, other characters like Rujuta, ACP Mohile and even Tambe are well sketched. The writing style is neat.

The story manages to keep you hooked but I won't deny that at some points it loses the grip and seems a little distracted. The book cover is nice, but, I didn't like the font (I am mentioning it because it affects my reading. Strange but it does!)

Overall, for me it was an average read (Please understand it's not my favourite genre) but if you like reading Crime suspense thriller, it can be an interesting read for you.