Sunday, March 8, 2015

From 'We' Time To 'Me' Time

Togetherness is a blessing and solitude is a friend, and silence is bliss! Yes, it may sound odd, but sometimes women need this 'Me' time.

We love spending time with our families, listening to them. Sharing their woes and joys. Fixing their problems. We cherish those moments. Loving, caring and being loved and cared!

In the hustle-bustle of life, we do make time for our dear ones, but we generally don't get that special time that should be exclusively for us. When I say this, it doesn't mean that our love for our families has diminished. Not a bit! It gets refreshed after that drizzle of small "Me' time. Promise!

Allow yourself to have an exclusive time, just for you. You need that, to spend the heartfelt 'We' time. Trust me.

How can we steal or maybe earn that little satisfying 'Me' time from that bountiful and beautiful 'We' time?

Go for a walk: It's the best way to get some time exclusively for you. It gives you some time to think clearly. To plan. To generate ideas. To enjoy nature. And, most importantly it burns calories. Brisk walk is the best and easiest exercise to lose some extra kilos.

Yoga: Yoga is serene and satisfying, and needs uninterrupted time and silence. Just for you!

Read: Ah, the bliss. Choose your comfort area and way to read. Good stories makes you forget everything for sometime.

Go shopping, alone: Do window shopping or buy things of your choice. For you. For your dear ones.

Play your favourite music: And dance! Alone. You don't have to be a good dancer. Just choreograph your own moves and enjoy! Or just lie down, feigning sleep, listening to your favorite son. Music heals.

Dare to dream!: Yes, dream. Dream about things you want in life, and how to fulfil them. Dream any time. While taking a walk. While practising yoga. While feigning sleep. While cooking (It can make that time interesting for those who are not fond of cooking, like me :))

I remember, a few days back, Janaki Nagaraj shared her idea of 'ME' time on her blog. Inhaling the fragrance of early morning with a steaming cup of tea! It creates refreshing imagery.

What's your idea of your "Me' time? How do you like to spend that? Do share.

Happy Women's Day! :)

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  1. Me time is a great idea and we should have it often. My me time is in the morning (yoga and tea) and before I fall asleep (devotional music and meditation). Nice post.

    1. That's nice! I am not a morning person, but yes, getting up in the morning is very productive. Thanks for sharing :)