Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Happiness...just a state of mind

It's difficult to define happiness. However, if I try, I'd say, "It's just a state of mind". A reflection of your fulfilled wishes and desires. A dash of rekindled hope. It's about your perspective and approach. You don't need a reason to be happy. Disappointments may cloud your chances to be happy but you'll be happy eventually if you actually want to be happy. Chase them if you think they are running away! You will beat them. Trust me.

There are many tiny, large, sweet reasons for happiness floating around you. An optimist catches them, while a negative hopeless person tends to search a reason to whimper. 

Children get happy easily. A slightest of positivity makes them uber-excited. For a child, getting new books is happiness. Sitting in a new class is happiness. Getting a chance to sit beside their best-friends can be a reason to be happy.

Just like children, old-age people get happy on simple things. Maybe, their expectations become low. In many homes, they can be found sitting alone, reading or watching television or missing their partners covering the final steps of their lives. They may find happiness in talking to someone. Anyone!

An elderly woman in my neighbourhood starts talking endlessly whenever she finds someone to talk.

They want to be valued. Just talk to them. It can be a great reason to be happy for them when you make them feel valued by listening (And follow if possible) to them intently.

For new lovers don’t need any reason to be happy. They are naturally happy, sometimes unnecessarily. Having someone special in their life is happiness. Thinking about that someone special is happiness. Even stealing a glance can earn happiness for them.

Life has become hectic. I know a couple who seldom gets time for each other. Both work in a call centre. Husband works in the night shift and when he returns, the wife leaves for her work. It must be a ‘hi’ ‘okay bye’ type of life. For such busy couple, getting an uninterrupted chance to have a cup of coffee together is happiness.

For someone who is trying, a simple phrase "Good job!" is happiness.

If you hopeful, a positive response can make you happy.

A sudden good news when you are least expecting it is happiness.

Learning something new is happiness!

A surprise visit from your best friend is happiness. Especially when you are feeling a little low, it perks you up instantly. You'll feel your tension melting.

Getting a reward for your efforts and hard work is happiness!

Freedom, independence is happiness!

A productive earns happiness!

For a needy person, a forgotten old five-hundred rupees note, safely tucked in an old diary can be a great reason to be happy.

When in great pain, a slightest of relief is happiness. If you are feeling low, even an uplifting quotation makes you feel better.

And, above all, making someone happy is more than happiness because it’s contentment. Give someone a reason to smile; it’s better than being happy for yourself.

What's your idea of happiness? What makes you happy? Do share.

I love advertisements by Coca-Cola. Be it Ummeedon Waali Dhoop, (Written a post on it) or Haan Haan Main Crazy Hoon. They are uplifting, enjoyable and reflect happiness.

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