Thursday, June 4, 2015

For a clutter-free mind


Do you want anything middling in your life? NO will be your answer, I know. Everyone desires good or rather best. We can’t gainsay the fact that sometimes we do not have control on our lives and life becomes mishmash. But, is it wise to eternize that mishmash? There are certain aspects we can work on to make life easier with a clutter-free mind.

Declutter your home: Most of the times we tend to keep useless things. ‘It may turn useful someday’ is the general thought. Let your home breathe. Toss out those tatterdemalion things.

Learn to manage time: It is not that easy but it is not that difficult either. The best way to make your day productive and extract some quality time for you is ‘Getting up early’ (And minimum TV). Even though I am not a morning person but I strongly believe that getting up early saves a lot of time making your days productive thus making your home and mind clutter-free.

Learn to say a ‘firm’ NO: No, you don’t have to be rude. It happens that your heart screams a big NO but you find yourself saying a meek YES with a wan smile. Dare to say a NO. Just a firm NO can solve many of your problems.

Recently, I found this quotation here and my heart said ‘How True!’ 

Stop being a people pleaser: You think too much about what others will think (While they may not be thinking that much). Remember, you can’t make everyone happy. And, keeping others happy is not your job. Think about your own happiness and stop pleasing others unnecessarily.

Speak for yourself: It is good that you care for your relationship and you should. But, don’t let others cross the boundary. Sometimes, some people, when they speak inappropriately, deserve an appropriate answer. Make them understand that you are not going to buy all of their unfair blabbers. Don’t feel bad if you dare to speak for yourself (When people say something wrong to you). It is good for the peace of your mind and health of your relationship with that person.

Stay away from negative people: There are some people who deserve to be ignored. Such as quidnunc, discouraging, mean people.

Be flexible: Yes, especially when it comes to your close relationship. Being hidebound can give you sleepless nights and unnecessary pain. 

Be healthy: And, put your ultimate effort to stay fit and healthy. A clean and happy mind resides in a healthy body. Life and mind become super-cluttered when you or people around you fall sick. Take care of yourself. Only then you’d be able to take care of your dear ones.


Written for this very interesting challenge on Write Tribe. It's about playing with new words. Please tell me if I have used any word inappropriately. 


  1. Such good advice. Young people should take note of all your points. I've learned them the hard way--through experience. Visiting from Write Tribe.

  2. Experience is the best teacher. Thanks for visiting :)

  3. Loved this post, it spoke to me. I am trying to learn these lessons :)

  4. @ Namrata: So am I! And,I have realized that it helps :)

  5. Loove ur take, Tarang. High time to declutter things in our surrounding and life. It's very important to say a firm NO and be more assertive.