Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Book Review: Everyone Has A Story by Savi Sharma. BM Day 12

Everyone Has A Story by Savi Sharma was a self-published (By author herself) book, and it has got nice reviews. This book has been re-published by Westland Books and now it's rising on the charts.

Everyone Has A Story is about love, friendship, and discovering yourself.

Meera, an aspiring writer meets Vivaan, a bank manager who dreams to travel the world, in a cafe. Kabir, is the cafe manager who desires to open his own cafe. He loves Nisha. She loves him back but before they settle together, Kabir must achieve something in life. Meera loves Vivaan but hesitate to express. Vivaan too nurtures feeling for her but is unsure (maybe because of his past)

So, what lies in Vivaan's past? What is the destination of their relationship? What about Kabir's dreams and his relationship with Nisha? You need to read this book to find out the answers.

The author tells an interesting story in simple words, and this is the best thing about this book. It is quite fast-paced, engaging I'd say. But, I have some problems with the plot and execution.

This book is called as 'Inspirational Love Story. Well, I didn't find anything 'exceptionally' inspirational in the 'love' story but yes, there are so many inspiring quotes. At times they are nice but sometimes they are too much, and disrupt the flow of the story.

Characters are well crafted but the background seems half-baked. The main story revolves around Meera and Vivaan, told in a first person. They are so self-engrossed that they never think about their families as if they don't exist. Kabir is a manager but the way he provides the services, he seems like a waiter. Kabir deserves more focus but he ends up being a secondary character. Same goes with Nisha who has her own secrets. I liked the friendship part better than the love story.

My next problem was conflict. The story does have conflicts but the author doesn't give time to build it up. The tension doesn't get space it requires. The moment readers start worrying about any particular situation, the author unveils the secret right away. Vivaan's past has some potential but it I think it could have been handled in a better way, especially when Vivaan too has his point of view to express. It seemed rushed.

The chapters come with title names (nothing striking) plus a particular POV (sometimes Meera, sometimes Vivaan) but there is no order and that's confusing, sometimes.

Overall, for me, it was an easy nice read but it lacked the depth which was required for such a story. The writing is good but instead of focusing on the story and its flow, the author focuses on her own inspirational words. The book cover is nice but the previous (for self-published one) cover was better.

If you are looking for a light quick read, go grab it. If you like reading inspirational words, go grab it! You may like it if you like reading about friendship and love. As a first-time author Savi Sharma has done a nice job. Eager to know about her next book.

Thank you Westland Books for sending me a review copy for an honest review.

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  1. I too read the book.Got the same feeling when I read it-'They are so self-engrossed that they never think about their families as if they don't exist'.But as you said,it is a nice read but could have had more depth

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