Thursday, November 10, 2016

4 Productive Things To Do When You Don't Feel Like Writing

"Don't Feel Like Writing" not "Writer's Block"!

Yes. I don't believe in Writer's Block. I think it's pure laziness. It's a phase when we don't want to write, and it's okay. We are never short of ideas. We just don't want to think about them intently in that phase. Writing should come naturally with a sense of joy and fulfillment. When you can be the best version of you, uber creative! You can never deliver your best when your writing is forced.

However, you can still be productive (writing-wise) when not writing. Here are four things you should do when you don't feel like writing. These things may create certain circumstances that will prompt you to write.

Read Voraciously!

Reading is sheer pleasure and a learning experience. Yes. Don't read just for entertainment. Read to learn. Focus on your preferred genre but don't hesitate to try different genres. I have tried this, and it has surprised me pleasantly. I had never thought I would enjoy mythology or psychological thrillers, but now they are two of my favourite genres!

Don't push yourself to finish every book you pick even though you don't like it. I leave the book unfinished if it doesn't hook me in first 40-50 pages. and I don't feel guilty about it.

Think About Writing.

When we are not writing, we are thinking about writing. You know this, don't you? You can't help this random whirling in your mind. Just work on it. Try to make this whirling a little more productive.

Collect your thoughts and ideas. You can organize later. Jot down your ideas/beautiful lines that flash in your mind. No. Never trust your memory. Ideas often strike at odd hours and are ephemeral. Jot down immediately.

If you are a freelance writer, shape up your ideas and pitch them to different publications. Don't think about rejection. You won't get selected until you pitch. You will start writing zealously once you get an assignment!


Watch Movies.

As a writer, you can learn a lot from movies. Watch good movies. Watch. The expressions. The way a character reacts. The way the characters deliver their dialogues. The settings. For me, Star Movies Select is a beautiful discovery. It shows different movies. Book adaptations. Unreleased. It says, '365 days, 365 stories'. You don't have to watch this particular channel. Choose what works best for you.


I don't travel much but I know it boosts your creativity and imagination. It refreshes your thinking process and enthusiasm. So, if possible, travel.

So, I have shared my views. Now it's your turn. Add/remove. But share your views. Do you write daily? What do you do when not writing? How do you try to improve your creativity?


  1. I do all of these except think about writing. :)

  2. I have a full-time hectic job, so can't write everyday. Even if I could, I would rather travel and see new places than just be with pen and paper 😊

    I watch a lot of movies though!

  3. are a smart writer, Rachna. I keep thinking about my writing, and I know it's not a very good idea. That's why here I suggest to make this constant thinking (for those who think about their writing) a little productive by jotting the ideas, researching and pitching. :) thanks for reading.

    Alok: I know you are an avid traveler, and you click lovely pictures! Thanks for reading this article! :)

  4. I have this feeling, that whenever I think about writing, my brain gets frozen up, and I can never write a decent post when that happens!
    Reading books and watching movies helps a lot, like you said. It helps to divert the attention, and then you get new ideas from it!
    P.S.: I get inspired to write via music. :)

    1. Sometimes, when my mind feels jumbled, I pick up my pen and journal and jot down my whirling thoughts. It works!

      Thank you, Mithila for reading and leaving a comment. :)