Saturday, May 12, 2018

Book Review: Swear You Won't Tell? by Vedashree Khambete-Sharma

Dead body, check. 
Disillusioned reporter, check.
Dark and sinister secrets, check.

How about a Murder Mystery with a touch of effortless humour? It's a very interesting combination because humour, no matter what's the genre, always works.

'Swear You Won't Tell?' (Plus, an intriguing title) by Vedashree Khambete Sharma (Published by Harper Collins India) is about Avantika Pandit, a highly inquisitive reporter whom nobody takes seriously. His boss sends her to attend fashion stylists' press conferences while she thinks she can solve mysteries. Nobody understands her except her friend, Uday (Who never misses a chance to tease her).

Now, she has to meet her school classmate, Aisha Juneja who is the last person Avantika wants to meet. But, in the course of unwanted meetings, a terrible news hits her. Her former best friend (whom she hasn't met in last 15 years), Laxmi is dead! Avantika keeps telling herself that it's none of her business, but her ever curious mind just refuses to mind its own business.

So, what's the mystery of Laxmi's death? Who could be the murderer? Would Avantika be able to solve the mystery?

To know the answers, you will have to read the book.

The best thing about this book is author's 'conversational' writing style and her well-placed, effortless humour. It makes this dark story an interesting ride. The author occasionally takes us to Avantika's childhood, her school, and it makes sense as it somehow makes the present --- Avantika's indifference for Aisha and other girls from the group --- clearer.

Characters are nice, their conversation seems natural. Even the childhood incidents are quite relatable. I liked Avantika. Dhruv's character seemed a little vague to me. Uday was adorable, and my favourite character!

Even though I half predicted the story, it was an engaging read (barring a couple of flashbacks). Overall, it was a quick and refreshing read. If you like murder mysteries, if you like humour, go for it!

I received this book from Writer's Melon for an unbiased review.

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