Friday, November 30, 2018

Six Months As A Watercolourist

I painted this last night {for an art challenge}. And, I am kind of happy with this painting, with my effort.

Honestly, it was some 5+ years {in 2013} ago when I, suddenly, got interested in watercolour painting. Beautiful paintings fascinated me. So I bought some art supplies and started to paint. Strangely, I never painted or even wanted to paint in my school or college days. I was {still am} terrible at sketching so never ever thought I could.

So, I painted but after some 7-8 paintings, I stopped {For some reason}. I didn't feel like painting. This year, I again felt like painting, but it was all procrastination. But finally, I bought a regular drawing book and painted {on 31st May, 2018}. I painted this!

It's been six months now. I am glad that this time, I am feeling very enthusiastic about it. Even experimenting with different kinds of watercolour papers.Trying different kinds of painting. 

I painted this forest two days back and I tried a rough, 100% homemade paper. I enjoy working on it!

And, I tried a waterfall for the first time. It's tricky but I enjoyed painting this one.

I am learning a lot. Practicing regularly. It's so fulfilling! 

That's all for now. Share your painting journey. Would love to hear {And learn}.

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  1. Your painting journey is great. Thanks for sharing.
    Happy PPF 💜

  2. Your watercolours are delightful Tarang. We each have our own style and yours is very creative and shows your love for nature. Happy PPF :D)

  3. Wonderful paintings! love the purple trees painting!

    1. Thank you! Glad you like it. It's my favourite too. :0

  4. congrats on 6 months, lovely work!

  5. Well done, I think your paintings look very good.

    All the best Jan