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Author's Interview: In Conversation With Ruchi Singh

I had read Ruchi Singh's book Jugnu by chance. It falls under my favourite genre ---that's romance plus, some of my reader friends had cool things to say about this book. The problem {for me} was that the book was available in ebook format ---a format I found difficult to read. Then one day, I downloaded this book. Just like that. 

The moment I started reading, I was hooked. Surprisingly, I finished it in a single sitting---on my phone. Yes, it was that gripping! Now, it's one of my favourite romances. Then, naturally, I downloaded her first book, Take 2. Liked it too.

Recently, I read 'Guardian Angel', her latest book. Enjoyed it {However, Jugnu remains my favourite}. So, I've realized that Ruchi Singh's writing style works for me, always. I feel a connection with her characters {most important thing for me}. You can feel their emotions develop.

Today, I am so pleased to have Ruchi Singh on my blog. She has some interesting things to say. So, let's chat ---

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Welcome to my blog. Tell me about your writing journey ---that moment when you realized that you wanted to be a writer?

RS: Thanks for having me on your blog...

It happened by chance in 2013, when friends and family suggested I should write. It was like an epiphany that yes I can, and should write. 

Since I am very fond of novels, so I began with a novel. I immensely enjoyed writing Take 2, the joy in creating something new is quite potent. And when I won the Indireads Short Story competition in Oct 2014, I knew I will become a novelist. Recently winning the TOI WriteIndia contest was an awesome experience and added motivation.

What's the most essential element of a gripping story?

RS: The characters and their evolution through the story arc.

I couldn't agree more! Would you like to tell us about your writing process? Do you follow any writing schedule?

RS: There are no hard and fast rules. I normally need a broad level plot and framework to be in place before writing. In case of a thriller, the plot is complex and I have to work out on the timeline so I do it on paper, then I begin to write. 

For a romance where the focus is on emotional conflict, I go by my instincts and the characters I have created. 

There is no fixed schedule. When I am writing the first draft I mostly write everyday, but if the writing spree is interrupted it becomes difficult to start again. But it’s a good idea to write daily. 

Please tell us about your next book?

RS: I am writing an emotional romance which is again set in Kasauli, the backdrop of my second novel Jugnu. I’m also planning and plotting the third one in 'Undercover' series. There are lots of ideas floating in my mind, but very less time.

What's more difficult ---completing a book or marketing that book? Do you think social medial plays an important role in promoting your book?

RS: Its difficult to choose between the two, both have different challenges. But if I have to pick one it will be completing a book. Writing an interesting story which appeals to the readers is the key to the next step which is marketing. Marketing is not a phase, it's an ongoing task and can be done at one's own pace.

Social media plays a very important role in marketing. It's probably most effective, fastest and lucrative way to take your book to the audiences. 

I am on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, where I post the excerpts and reviews of my books. I blog at about books and people can read my flash fiction.

Is there any particular genre you find it difficult to write in?

RS: I think I can only write Romance and crime, rest all are difficult for me.

What would be your precious advice for new/aspiring writers?

RS: This would be a cliched answer, but still:

1) Read ‘On Writing: A Memoir Of The Craft’ by Stephen King and follow it.
2) Buy a good editing tool and use it
3) Write, write, write and edit, edit, edit. 

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