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Book Review: All Drama, No Queen by Andaleeb Wajid

Name of the book: All Drama, No Queen

Author: Andaleeb Wajid

Publisher: Penguin India

Number of pages: 223

Genre: Drama, romance

Price: ₹ 275 (on Amazon)

Andaleeb Wajid is a very experienced, prolific writer. All Drama, No Queen is her 28th book! She mainly writes romance and horror.

I have read her story called 'Will the Oven Explode?' (on Juggernaut books app), which I liked, so I was quite eager to read and review All Drama...

The blurb says: All Drama, No Queen is a romance novel with well loved characters from 'Twenty Nine Going On Thirty'.

That explains because it does seem like an extension to some other story, however, you can read this book as a standalone novel.

I like the author's writing style: it's easy and engaging. Light, well placed humour makes it interesting. However, there are certain (important) things that didn't really work for me.

The prologue is sweet. I liked it even though I don't really like the idea of writing prologues. But I felt that the main story starts vaguely and abruptly. Maybe because I haven't read the previous book but for a standalone novel, the beginning doesn't seem like a beginning.

The story is about Farida, a thirty year old woman, orphaned at the age of twelve, and her love (kind of obsession) for Irshad, her childhood friend and distant cousin. 

That's it. The first few chapters are interesting but lack of substantial elements makes this story rushed and repetitive.

The characters: Farida's character is so immature. She does nothing except thinking about Irshad and how she could attract/seduce him so that he breaks off his engagement with Shagufta (yes, he is already engaged) and gets married to her. She can't do or think anything without discussing it with her friends (mostly Priya). I needed to remind myself that she was a 30 year old woman. 

Although Irshad is everywhere, he is practically nowhere. He seems like a secondary character (not the main protagonist), as he has nothing to do except asking a few monotonous questions and give long explanations.

Irshad and Farida have met just once as kids. They lose touch and finally meet after 13 long years. But we don't see how they connect/bond after such a long time. And that's why Farida's obsession for Irshad seems a bit unreasonable and unconvincing and annoying. 

It would have been more interesting if there were some exciting incidents and conversations between Farida and Irshad so that the readers could see a relationship burgeoning. Their relationship and the moments they share feel forced. 

I liked Priya's character. She's smart, independent and sensible. And such a good friend.

Overall, a light, quick read. Honestly, I'm a bit disappointed mainly because I was expecting an entertaining love story. 

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  1. This book looks likes that it would not be for me but i would definitely check out author's horror works.