Saturday, February 19, 2011

De ghuma ke!

Right now India is resonating with crackers and strangely I’m not feeling irritated. It’s the time when the whole nation follows just one religion. That is “Indianism”.

As the World cup song says “De ghuma ke”, India completely followed it. Fever of world cup 2011 is raising everyday and today India, started with a bang. Congratulations to Sehwag (175), Virat Kohli (100), the entire team and of course to entire nation! Of course there is still a long way to go but this victory in the very first match is definitely going to boost the confidence of our Indian team. Let the fever of World Cup reach the optimum level.

Today India defeated Bangladesh by 87 runs. Though Bangladesh fought back well but it’s a nice opening. I, on the behalf of the entire nation wish our Indian team to continue this magnificence.

It is the last world cup for Sachin Tendulkar (The first one dismissed in this world cup yet we expect some of his finest innings in his last world cup) so he along with the whole team definitely would be keen to bring the World cup back after 27 long years.
We all want the “World Cup”!

We all wish our Indian team to perform well and bring the shining glory home.

De ghuma ke!
All the best and god bless.


  1. Woww!!!! So Beautiful Post. Wish Our Indian Team A Very Best Success of Wining World Cup For Our Nation.

    Touched By Your Writing :) :)

  2. Thank you so much! It's the voice of the entire nation. :)

  3. I am writing about cricket, you can expect what it will be.

    If you aks me my thoughts for cricet as a game, yes like all Indians I am sure that India will get the Worldcup back.

    As far as "De Ghuma Ke" is concern, the focus is more on "Pepsi" than the team. You can see the craziness in India only for cricket and this is really beyond limits.

    Well, pray for Indian cricket team; that they show some respect for India's hope.

  4. They will. Let's hope for the best. Thanks!:)