Sunday, February 20, 2011

Food discrimination

We all need food to live. Nutritious food to live a healthy life. Yummy foods to satisfy our taste. Sometimes people don’t want to just have the basic food then they choose to order something special from the restaurants.

Pasta? No Chinese. Sweets, Ice-creams (Variety of flavour), fried rice, chicken, burger, pizza, cakes, dosa, chhole bhatoore and much more.

Many people waste their food if they don’t feel like eating.

Please finish what’s on your plate. Wasting food is not just unintelligent, it’s also morally wrong. While we worry about consuming too many calories and putting on weight, some people die of malnutrition and starvation.

Do you know that many people in this world are unable to fix nutrition in their daily food? Some struggle to have their basic food. Some are bound to pick their possible foods from the garbage bins to kill their hunger as they have no choice. Many children suffer from malnutrition. Some people starve to death.

So please think before wasting food. Prepare that much which could be consumed. Or try to give the leftovers to needy people maybe starving just a few streets away. Many people can fill their empty stomach from those wasted food. Food is life so respect it's value.


  1. You make a good point with this piece Tarang. When I see the huge portions of food being served up in restaurants in this country now days it sickens me. We eat it because it's there, but our bodies surely don't need it, having already eaten far too much... or we leave it and it goes into the trash bin. Either way is disturbing and morally wrong. I join your plea for sanity, and for sharing with those who go hungry. Good post!

  2. I think we were writing on the same channel. Well said.

  3. Thank you so much JTS & Catherine!:)

  4. What a dilemma the developed nations have with regard to food. We eat and waste to excess knowing full well there are millions starving throughout the world.

    Sadly it is so easy turn a blind eye or just make a token gesture to this suffering. Is this because if we feed the starving we feed an army?

  5. Needed to be said, Tarang, but sadly we know that it will be ignored by those who COULD do something about it. In Finland, after school dinners have been served, ALL left-overs must be dumped in garbage bins. Previously they were re-used or given to the poor, now the directive is - DUMP IT! Obscene!

  6. @Oldegg & Old Altonian: It's really bad to waste food. We all should respect our food.

    By the way, thanks for your nice comments.

  7. nicely said, also to add if you take less serving on your plate the first time most of the times you wont get up the second time to have another serving...not only you not waste food its awesome to lose weight also :)

  8. Good idea Manveer:) Thanks and welcome to my blog.