Saturday, April 30, 2011

A little bit country: By Debbie Macomber

This book is compilation of two novels(Actually named "Country Brides"). The first one is “A little bit country” and the second one is “Country brides” (A kind of sequel as they are interconnected)

I liked the first book “A little bit country” so much that I finished it in one go.

A little bit country:  

Rorie Campbel is a librarian, aspiring writer, engaged to Dan and happy in her life. One vacation, on her way to a writer’s conference her car broke down in Oregon country road. Clay Franklin, an intelligent and handsome rancher comes to her rescue and Rorie had to spend six days in his house. In these six days she nurtured and finally discovered her deep feelings for Clay who also feels the same way but has no right to reciprocate because he is engaged to his neighbor and childhood friend Kate Logan.

With heavy and aching heart Rorie returned to her city but both Clay and Rorie realized that it was difficult to forget and ignore their love for each other.

Kate, though hurt and devastated by this broken relationship with Clay, understands their feelings and brings them together and finally Rorie and Clay gets married.

Very well written novel and the feelings of love are well expressed. Dialogues and some situations are interesting and identifiable. Nice and delightful read!

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  1. I Shall Read This Book. Your Post Attracted Me To Read The Book. Thanks A Lot For Sharing About This Book Dear :) :)