Thursday, June 2, 2011

A pleasant surprise

In the hustle bustle of market, stations and some other public place sometimes, we come across some people who look quite different from what they are and leave us amazed.

Asha struggled to enter the metro rail. Though the train was crowded, as usual, she managed to occupy a seat. In front of her seat, a flock of so-called new generation boys,  flaunting absurd clothes and  eccentric hairstyles, were sitting. They all were luminously energized. They were patting and pushing each other and almost shouting.

Asha got irritated by their erratic behavior. “They did not have sense of behaving in public place as many people including girls and women were traveling with them.” She thought.

When the train stopped at a station, an old couple entered the train and was searching for seats. As train was full they did not find one. In train, announcers always preach that one should vacate the seats for senior citizens, handicapped and women but no one seemed to follow the preach. To see the old couple standing Asha got up from her seat to offer them her seat but a boy of that very group beckoned her to sit and two of them vacated two seats for the old couple.

Asha was pleasantly surprised by their unexpected demeanor. In these changing times, it is good to see that some youngsters hold respect and manners for elders. Even though they try to look modern and tend to be stylish according to the fashion but they have not forgotten their etiquette. It seemed a good omen for cultured upcoming generation.

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  1. wonderful post I love how you wrote about his with the prompts.

  2. Thank you so much Fear not...

  3. you write amazing stories.

    what a happy ending.

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    bless your weekend.

  5. Thank you so much Jingle! Glad you liked it :)

  6. Most Fabulous Wonderful Write Up Tarang :) :)

  7. Thank you so much Creativity :)

  8. This is wonderful I have been riding the tram lately I have seen people who can barely walk be denied seats by adults who should be providing an example.