Saturday, August 13, 2011

Crime Patrol

Yesterday I saw a heart wrenching episode of “Crime Patrol” on Sony Entertainment Channel (One of the very few serials I watch on television).

A very recent case of Maharashtra where  an eleven years old boy committed suicide after enduring his father’s brutality for long time. His mother left the house with her daughter four years back for the very same reason and the father threatened and forcibly kept his son with him. Then why he had been so brutal with him? Why he could not take care of his son? He used to beat the boy with his belt on his every minor mistake and never loved him. He yearned for his mother’s love but she was nowhere. Eventually, the boy lost his confidence and became a recluse and finally gave up.  How a father can be so cruel? (He is now in Jail)

First of all I would like to congratulate Crime Patrol which is making us aware about our society and compel us to ponder. The actors in this serial are much better than any meaningless daily soaps.

This type of crime, say domestic violence is happening in our society but nobody (Even neighbors) bothers to raise a voice against it just because it’s not happening to them. So why give a damn? People always think of not interfering in other’s matters (Some people don’t hesitate to interfere in personal, interesting matters of others though). But just think if neighbors of that boy would have taken any (Least) action he might have been alive.

One more thing I wonder why a woman is so weak in front of her husband that she could not take any action against him even if it is the question of her children?

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