Monday, August 15, 2011


As the Independence Day and Republic Day approaches patriotic songs echo throughout the surroundings. Be it news channels, music channels, FM Radio or any reality show, everywhere we can hear patriotic songs and it is very pleasant to hear. It is the impact of these songs that they literally give me goose bumps. Reverence for our freedom fighters and soldiers reaches to its optimum level.  (I know all the Indians feel the same way)

In our life we are too much occupied with our tensions, various problems and enjoyments too. The Independence Day and those patriotic songs remind us that how fortunate we are to breathe in a free country and are free to do whatever we want to do in our lives. We are free to take our decisions. We have some rights. But we have some duties too which we should follow. All the pains and struggles have been taken by our honorable martyrs. It’s because our soldiers we enjoy our life safely. We sleep peacefully.

In our life we thank those people who help us or who do something for us. Though Thank You is a very small word for our freedom fighters and soldiers but still I, on the behalf of our nation would like to say a big THANK YOU to all of them who fight for the welfare of our country. Who fight against corruption. Who fight against those anti social and greedy elements who want to tamper the grace and unity of our nation. We all wish and hope that harmony, integrity and strength of our country remain indelible.

I feel happy and proud to wish you all - “HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!”

This auspicious day is the most pious festival of India and those patriotic songs are all time favorites. The Tricolour, our national flag make us feel proud! Proud to be an Indian.

                                                            JAI HIND

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