Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Blissful always!

Today I was reading a Post by Preeti Shenoy (She is the author of “Life is what you make it”) and it made me laugh even in my downcast state of mind. It was a video of a child’s laugh. (Click the blue word to check out and I’m sure you’ll laugh too.)

It is said that laughter is the best medicine, a healer and laughter of a child is divine. So mesmerizing that you can’t resist smiling. Even in your worst mood.

A child’s mind hooks on something, say some peculiar voice and they laugh again and again on the same voice. If you stop making sound they wait for that. (You can see in the video).

So a child’s laughter is the best healer.  If you’re really in a  bad mood and anyone laughs beside you, sometimes it can aggravate your mood, out of annoyance but not a child’s laughter. It’s heartening and blissful always!

Keep SmilingJ


  1. Absolutely true !!
    Laughter especially of children is the best medicine for a bad mood.

    PS: thanks 4 dropping by at my blog and giving me the opportunity to land here.
    Looking forward to new posts :)
    Keep writing !!

  2. Wonderful shot for your post. It brought me straight to it. Also, I linked to the book and it sounds as though I'd not only like it but NEED it! Thank you Tarang! I have to find the book in dollars now.

  3. Thank you so much Jyoti!:)

    Thanks California Girl, glad you liked it:)