Monday, November 7, 2011


© Written by Tarang Sinha

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Again, bliss of slumber
Would elude me
Again, the night is going to creep
Immersed in your thoughts
Moon, nestled in the embrace of clouds
 Reminds me our togetherness
Blinking stars josh
My seeping emotions
Dewy breeze weeps
To see my aloofness
My heart screams
Where are you?
Why you diverged from the path
And moved ahead leaving me alone?
Why you never looked back?
Why you never called me?
Why you broke
The promise of love?

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  1. what a sad yet powerful expression.
    by asking why, we make things more clear.

  2. : ( Brings back memories. Nicely written.

  3. Thank you so much Morning & Thingy!:)

  4. This is terribly sad, especially as I can relate to your words. Thanks for taking part in Carry On Tuesday.

  5. Keith: Thank you so much! Glad you liked it. It's nice to ponder over interesting & beautiful prompts.