Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Are you the one for me?: by Chital Mehta

Finished this novel by Chital Mehta. It is pretty obvious that its a love story. The protagonist of this story Khushi is heartbroken as her boyfriend Rohit, cheated on her and caught red-handed. She desperately wants to get him back by any means but fails to do so. She tries to get over the pain of love and starts socializing.

Meanwhile she meets her old college friend Sumit regularly and gets confused about her feeling towards him but very soon realizes that Sumit is not her type.

After mourning for few more months for Rohit, though determined not to fall in love again, within four or five months, she falls in love with her handsome and chivalrous boss Jai. Meanwhile Khushi meets a guy Manav, chosen by her mother in the process of groom hunting (Just like “The Ineligible bachelors by Ruchita Misra”) coincidently both are not interested in this marriage.

As Khushi comes to know that Jai loves another girl of the office, she is again heartbroken. Devastated, this time she is double determined not to fall in love again. Will she take the risk of falling in love again?

Khushi’s character is the most irritating element for me. Mourning for Rohit is too lengthy, repetitive and irritating. There is no pivotal role of any male protagonists in this book.  Story takes a three year leap and Khushi is now wife of Manav and mother of two years old son. “How she fell in love with Manav” is really important for this story but it is missing. Episode of Sumit seems completely unnecessary.

Finishing of this book is a bit shaky. It seems that it has not been edited properly. Overall I’m not very impressed. But I would like to congratulate the author for writing perhaps three novels at the age of just twenty four.

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  1. This looks an intertwined love story...a love trianle,quadilateral,pentagon,hexagon!!:):):)*smiles*...and 3 novels at the age of 24!!*impressed!!*