Monday, December 19, 2011

Health is happiness

There is a very famous quote that “Health is wealth”

I think “Health is happiness

No matter how wealthy you are, your life can’t be happy and peaceful if you are not healthy. Life seems hopeless if you’re in bad health. Running after a doctor again and again is the most irritating and depressing state of life.

People often say that we should have positive attitude towards life and have the zest to fight the problems in life. True and possible. Of course we can knock the hurdles down, if we are in good health.

You’re supposed to take care of your dear ones but for that you’ll have to take care of yourself first.So do take care of health. 

Here are some clichéd but really important points:

Generally, for a common man it is difficult to manage a strict routine of exercise. No problem.  A regular brisk walk in fresh and clear environment can do wonders. So go for it. This is not that difficult.

Stress is the major state which can invite several unwanted diseases. So try to make your life easy by shrugging off the excess baggage of stress and tensions. Sometimes we allow frivolous things to cause tensions in our life. Try to avoid those situations which can cause stress.
Music is a magical healer. Listening to good music is a kind of meditation and is the easiest and best way to beat the stress.

Eat right. Eat right quality and right quantity. You all know, adding lots of fruits, green vegetables and fluids to food can keep you in good health. Drink plenty of water. It cleanses your system and is also a stress buster. 

Sleep well. A sound sleep is vital for good health. it rejuvenates your body and mind.

Don’t avoid the initial signs and symptoms of any kind of illness. Do contact a doctor before it starts harming your body.

Good health is a precious gift of life. Enjoy it. Preserve it. Cherish it. Do take care of your health and have a blissful and peaceful life.

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  1. totally agree wid u in this...
    health should be the top most priority of one's life :)

  2. That was useful piece of information...:) thanq for sharing :)

  3. ah true that...with health you can live through much...even without wealth...

  4. helpful hints in handling stress.

    well done.

  5. @ All: Thanks! I'm glad you found this helpful. Health is really important in life:)

  6. I agree with you on this... good tips...thanks ~

    Happy Holidays to you ~

  7. It is such a good reminder that we must give ourselves the gift of health. So often people put themselves and their body's needs last.

    Great post!!

    Happy TT and happy holidays!!

  8. It is funny how when one is young one does not really think so much about ones health, but as one grows older it seems that ones health is always on your mind because all those healthy things you forgot to do have taken their toll on your body. Then one day your body starts talking to you and somehow before you know what has happened your body starts to yell at you. At this time all you want to do is to tell it to shut up because you still think there is time to keep doing what you have been doing. But no way does your body shut up, then suddenly it starts screaming, and you either change things or you better get a good set of ear plugs.

    I think I need to print out a copy of your list here and post it on my refrigerator to remind me every day what my body is screaming for me to do. Hopefully I will listen before it stops talking altogether.

    Thank you so much for sharing this and for playing in this weeks Theme Thursday. Hope to see you next week.

    Merry Christmas.

    God bless.