Saturday, December 3, 2011

The (In)Eligible Bachelors: By Ruchita Misra

Recently, I finished reading this novel by Ruchita Misra.

This story is about Kasturi Shukla, young, fresh MBA from one of India's finest B-schools. Her mother desperately wants her to get married and is running after her with different kinds of eligible bachelors.

As Kasturi joins her new job in Delhi, she is happy that her mother was not there to nag about her marriage, but her mother is too smart to run away from. Every now and then, she arranges meetings for Kasturi with different guys from IIT/IIM.

Meanwhile Kasturi lands her eyes on her drop-dead-gorgeous boss Rajeev Mehrotra and develops a huge crush. Interestingly, Rajeev Sir reciprocates her feeling with fervor, and finally, they get committed to each other. 

But, is Rajeev the correct guy for her? This is interesting to find out in this book.

Story is nice and sometimes it is so hilarious that you may laugh out loud. I did. Especially in the initial few pages. Her mother is a character and so are the guys. The author has described them in a very humorous way. I found myself smiling every time when Kasturi’s mother starts with “Beta...”
I liked the character of Dr. Apurva.

Just few things seemed to annoy me:

First, So many dates and times, sometimes after every thought that many times I forgot which date and time I was reading earlier. The entire novel is in diary form but who writes diary every minute?

And there are so many co-incidents. Almost every revealing incident is carried by a co-incidence. Sometimes they are melodramatic.

Apart from this, the book is nice.

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