Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Human behaviour

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A bright smile spreads bliss
Discard envy, grab every
Chance to be happy

There’s a dialogue in a very famous movie 3 Idiots:

"Human behaviour ke baare me uss din humne kuch jaana, Dost fail ho jaye toh dukh hota hai, lekin dost first aa jaye toh jyada dukh hota hai. (We learnt something about human behaviour that day, it feels bad when a friend fails, but it feels even worse when he comes first)

Well, this is the problem of a friend whose best friend stood first and he came last. Feeling bad is a bit justified but sometimes, people forget to feel happy for their success as they keep themselves busy in mourning for someone else’s success.

The house was suffused with delighted clamour. Priya has cleared her P.O exams. Namrata, a very ordinary girl. Far from the rising glamour of the society. She lacked beauty but got intelligence in abundance. Her beautiful cousin Priya was also not behind as she also cleared the same exam but she is not happy. Instead, she was feeling bad for Namrata’s success. Such a folly!

If life has given you a golden chance to be happy you must grab it delightfully. People may feel bad when someone has got everything in abundance and you lack basic things. But if life has given you the same happiness as others then why should you waste your time in mourning for others instead of enjoying your achievements?

Life is not always smooth. It may offer you some jagged path in the form of hurdles. So, try to fight the hurdles and embrace every small opportunity to smile and be happy. Discard jagged thoughts that give birth to jealousy. Learn to be happy for others. Try. Sometimes it gives a nice feeling and at least it gives you a reason to smile.

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  1. Such a beautiful thought...we should smile and make friends always....great lines :-)

  2. Thank you so much for posting at the revival of Poets United Vice/Versa. I hope it will be a viable site, one which people will return to weekly. We can all help by visiting one another's work, which makes everyone want to return again.

    I enjoyed your write. I do think we should not begrudge someone else his/her successes. We should celebrate them, be happy in their happiness. We definitely all have different gifts. Some beauty, some intelligence, some other things. Life does have jagged paths indeed...and life is short. We do need to be happy for others as well as for ourselves. You speak the truth!

  3. Greetings Tarang, what a wonderful haiku on the theme "bright". Love the way you have used it to give me (and I think sure also others) a bright smile. A smile brings peace everywhere.

  4. "Discard jagged thoughts that give birth to jealousy."

    I really like this line the most of all!! Great writing and wise words!!

  5. I like the philosophy here: grab every chance to be happy. Awesome!!!! And being happy for others winds up making us feel very good too.

  6. @ Green Speck: Thank you!:)

    @ Mary: Very well said. Glad you enjoyed it. Thank you!:)

    @ Kristjaan Panneman: :) I'm happy that you liked it. Thanks a lot!:)

    @ Hannah: Glad you liked it. Thank you very much!:)

    @ Sherry Blue Sky: Thank you!:)

  7. Lots of wisdom in this haiku. I do believe in grabbing each chance for happiness.

  8. Nice thought....if everybody could hold this in their heart...