Monday, October 8, 2012

Emotional insecurity

Recently, I saw a movie “Monster-in-law”. Charlotte (Played by Jennifer Lopez) falls in love with Kevin (Michael Vartan), a wealthy guy, and thinks that her life is about to shine with flying colors. But she is wrong as Viola (Jane Fonda), Kevin’s mother seems evidently not happy with this relationship. When Kevin proposes Charlotte, Viola gets hyper and then she tries everything to destroy their relationship.

Finally, on the wedding day, Charlotte rethinks about her marriage with Kevin and plans to tell him that this marriage is not going to work. Just then, Viola and her own mother-in-law get into a serious argument.

Realizing that her son’s happiness is her main priority, Viola comes to Charlotte and says that she wants her to marry his son. And all she did was just out of her emotional insecurity of losing his son, her only asset to life. And finally, they both resolve their tiff. Charlotte asks her mother-in-law to be with them in every small or big occasion of their life.

Okay this was a movie which I enjoyed but here are many such cases in real life too.

Mini was initially very startled to see her mother-in-law’s behavior. Her Mother-in-law Vasudha still wanted to carry all the responsibilities of her son and Mini’s husband Mayank. Vasudha desperately wanted to attend her son when he returned from the office, no matter what time. She wanted to manage his meals, his clothes and his essential stuff like before. She wanted his son to take her for outing along with Mini. Buy things that he bought for Mini.

Mini got frustrated. It seemed weird. But her husband, maybe feeling like a sandwich, made her realize the situation. Actually Mayank’s father died many years ago and he was all his mother has in life. Obviously, she was possessive about her son and she did not realize that she was going overboard as his son was now a married man and the couple needed some space.

Actually, this is just a problem of emotional insecurity. Nothing like having a monster-in-law. Of course it could be irritating but both parties have to develop an understanding.

There is no harm to give importance and some quality time to the lonely parents especially when they’re single. One must involve them graciously in small happiness of life. And the parents also must understand that after marriage their son and daughter-in-law need some privacy and space. They should try to keep themselves busy in some activities to get over the insecurity. It is not good to develop a competitive attitude in such delicate relationship. Just try to create a healthy environment at home and cherish happy moments. Both mother and wife have a special space in a man’s life. It’s just a matter of understanding and thoughtfulness.


  1. Very true Tarang...emotional insecurity can sometimes create havoc in relationships..and damage them beyond repair.

    Very interesting take!

  2. I have heard of this movie but didn't watch it yet ... will surely try in this weekend !!!

  3. Hmmm true!....You made good points here thinking from all angles...Good one Tarang!...Will see the movie soon :)