Friday, October 5, 2012

The Affair by Lee Child

Recently, I've got the opportunity to read the famous author Lee Child and I finished “The Affair” by Lee Child yesterday. This was a review copy from Random House India. I would like to thank Random Reads.

“The Affair” is the sixteenth novel in the Jack Reacher series but this is my first crime thriller and of course first Lee Child book, as it’s not my genre. But I've read some really nice reviews and found the character of Jack Reacher interesting, so thought to go for it.

The story is set in 1997. Jack Reacher, a major in the military police has been sent undercover to investigate or rather supervise the investigation of the murder of a woman. There he gets to know that two more women have been murdered earlier, in the same pattern. 

Reacher meets a stunningly beautiful Sherrif Elizabeth Deveraux,  a former Marine, who is supposed to investigate these cases but it seems that her investigation is going nowhere.

The novel, packed action and a little romance, gradually unfolds the murder mystery.

The author has nicely portrayed the character of Jack Reacher as a tough, confident and fearless guy but other characters seem to have little value. Even the Sheriff Deveraux’s character has nothing special to do though she is very much present in the book.

As I’ve said before, this is not my genre so I didn’t find it very thrilling as it seemed a bit slow. Also for a crime suspense thriller it lacked surprise elements. Of course it managed to raise interest but at several points that ended blandly.

I especially liked the writing style of the author. Short sentences, without any complication and nice dialogues worked for me. So, I would say for those who like crime suspense thriller, it can be an interesting read.


  1. Though I like thriller and crime fiction I kind of detest buying them as for me they end up becoming a one time read, Once you know the suspense there is no reason why you would want to read it again and again. So I prefer taking such books form a library or from a friend to read it ;)

  2. I loved thrillers of Sidney Sheldon and Stieg Larsson.

  3. Nice narration. I got a global view of the book,though couldn't read it.