Thursday, December 20, 2012

Joyful Moments...

This post is for Wish List Wednesday No. 2, a creative prompt provided by Preeti Shenoy, author of three bestselling books, whose fourth book "The Secret Wish List" is going to release very soon. It's a kind of contest as every week her publisher Westland will pick one entry and the winner will get a copy of The Secret Wishlist.

I'm happy that Westland has selected my entry for last week's prompt. Thanks so much!

This week's prompt is "My one wish that came true and gave me immense joy!"

I know, my precious wish...
That I treasured
Will embrace me very soon
When a bundle of joy...
A sense of contentment...
A bright smile
Will light up my life
Eagerly waiting for that prized moment!

This is a very special situation which comes in everyone's life. We all come across such precious moment when we know that a very special moment is about to arrive soon when our wish will be fulfilled. When our heart will be filled with pride and exhilaration. We just have to wait. For me, that very special wish is yet to be fulfilled. 

But for this prompt, we have to talk about our one wish that came true and gave us immense joy. We wish many things in life and life indeed bless us with many small packages of happiness. Some small but sweet reasons to smile. To feel content and proud. 

But success born of struggle doubles the joy and sense of fulfillment. When you wish something and work hard for that, the taste of positive result is really really sweet. That joy is incomparable. For me, my one wish that came true and gave me immense joy (And "continued to give me that joy." I mentioned it here because sometimes some desperate wish gives momentary joy but later disappoints immensely) was when I saw my creation published in a magazine. A wish to see my writings/name in print. 

Actually I have never ever thought I could write. But few years back, a tender desire to become a writer peeped through my heart which grew deeper gradually. I tried, got rejected but never failed to wish. Of course I had some sad moments but never allowed my patience and hope to leave me. Finally, one of fine day, I received a copy of a magazine that contained my article and of course I was filled with immense joy. Now I have a few published works in my name. Click HERE to see my published creations.

Wish for something you actually want. Try hard for it. Be determined. Be patient. Be hopeful. Don't listen to any discouraging remark no matter where it is coming from. Don't let setbacks and failure distract you. You will see, one fine day, life will gift you that blissful and joyful moment when your lovely wish will shine with flying colours.  


  1. A very happy, proud and satisfied moment right?? Can imagine how much happy you felt when you saw your work published!

    Even I want to get some of my works published. I don't have any idea about this. I donno whether my writing is upto the mark or not to get published! Can you please guide me telling the process?

  2. Wow...that was so beautiful!!


    AMEN to more and more of such lovely wishes to come true .

  3. @ Valli: Yes, right!:)

    First of all shed your doubts about your writing! It's important to trust your ability. If you write short stories, poems & article, you can send them to magazines like (Woman's Era, Alive (It contains social issues generally) or New Woman. You can get phone nos., addresses & e-mail Ids online or in the magazines. All the best!:)

    @ Me: Thank you so much!:) Same to you!:)

  4. may you get many more joyful moments in life...stay blessed..:)

  5. @ Thinker: :)

    @ Simply me: Thank you so much!:)