Friday, December 21, 2012

This shame is your pride

Helpless pleading eyes and
Face suffused with fear
Don't affect you anyhow
Piercing shrieks never hit your mind
Trembling body reflecting aversion
Cannot resist your filthy intention
Girls are NOT your property
Why don't you understand the meaning of a firm NO?
You never think before crushing a girl's life
Her anguish and pain is irrelevant to you
Have you ever thought....
How any girl close to YOU might have felt?
No, you haven't
Because you may do this sinful act to her too
What provokes you in innocent little girls?
Or in weak old women?
You can't think beyond a body
A sense of repent never echoes in your heart
Your dirty fiend mind scheme for just a cruel act....
This shame is your pride
In your life...
This is the only thing you crave to perform
This is your dream
This is your goal
And this is what you want to achieve???


  1. So true. These incidents really show the ugly side of humanity. People are asking for death sentence for these criminals, but will even that be enough?

  2. I can't express my anger on this incident. What you can say about these animals? Impotent guys.

  3. Touching....harsh reality very well depicted Tarang. I wish we had answers for your questions here!

  4. Yes yes, How the hell can a 5 year old baby can turn on a man to rape her?! They can't think beyond body!!
    That's the truth! Sadly, society blames the girl that she didn't wear proper clothes or she was the one who was asking for it! Very touching and powerful poem!

  5. Anger, pain, frustration, aversion are quite obvious. It’s sinful and shameful! People ask girls to dress suitably but what about those little girls and old women? No punishment for those dirty filthy people is enough for victims and their families. And will they get any punishment is a big question here…

  6. Exactly Tarang... So many innocent girl's lives are crushed under the foot of some selfish creatures.. They are a shame.. Til such monsters are alive, life of a girl can never get better

  7. True, very true in this cruel world.

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