Sunday, November 17, 2013

Be natural...Be immune

I remember, once in my childhood, I saw a mosquito sitting on the mosquito repellent,when it was on. It was weird and funny but then I realized that the mosquito had enough power to resist the effect become immune to that particular product.

Since my childhood, when I had been introduced to the word "Immunity", I had considered myself a person with strong immunity. The reason is simple. I don't fall ill generally. I don't remember myself seriously ill as a child (Touchwood!).

In simple words immunity is having power to fight infections and resist the unfavourable effects of environment.

I think health is happiness and peace resides in good health and for good health, immunity is the key! And we all want our children to be strong and healthy.

I was not fond of green vegetables in my childhood. My mom used to make rolls of cooked palak and stuff in my mouth. With crinkled face, I had to gulp it down. We also used to have Amla and sometimes Chirata soaked water and chyawanprash!. I enjoyed licking full scoop of Chyawanprash, especially in winters. I still remember that red and white pack of Dabur chyawanprash! 

Chyawanprash is an ayurvedic blend of natural ingredients, packed with nutrition. It's good for skin, hair, body growth and memory. It improves immune system and helps fighting against germs and unhygienic surrounding. 

I have seen some girls who hesitate to apply cosmetics or even some natural product on their face as they fear their skin will get rashes. Thankfully, I'm never worried about choosing the right soap or cosmetics. Actually, I don't use them much, as I run to my kitchen for my skin remedies. Kitchen is a wonderful haven of nutrients and natural remedies. However, even if I use any different soap/face wash or cosmetics, my skin accepts them well. Thus, I can say my skin has great immunity!

One of my cousins always suffered from headache or stomachache or nausea or dizziness and he used to keep medicine for every ailment and used to pop them when problem occurred. I try keep your children away from medicines for every minor ailment (Of course you should consult your doctor if any health problem persists longer). Nature is loaded with many vibrant colourful assets having medicinal values. I prefer to go natural. Taking too much medicines for every minor health problem reduces your immunity. Let your body fight for itself.

Nature is the best healer! Being natural can do wonders.

Some people/children tend to get affected by every little things. They don't have immunity to endure environmental changes. They get upset stomach, cold and cough after the minutest changes in their lifestyle. Allow your children to explore. Let them expose themselves to the changing environment/lifestyle/eating habits. Don't stick strictly to regulars only.

In India, obesity in children is a growing problem. Obesity invites several diseases and it has a direct effect on our immune system. Regular workouts or yoga, and brisk walk are some wise ideas to keep yourself fit. But mind it, stay in the limit when you exercise. While disciplined workouts make you fit and boost your immunity, overdoing vigorously can deplete it. Encourage your children for physical activities apart from their famous video game and cartoons.

Actually, immune system is very much related to our eating habits, nutrition and lifestyle. So have a wholesome and balanced  diet that includes lots of veggies, fruits, yogurt etc.  Be strict when your children just want to have fast food and chips. Make a green and natural environment in your home. Make a habit to drink a good amount of water everyday.

Our sleep has a great connection with our mental and physical fitness, so if our sleep is disturbed, it definitely affects the immune system. Make sure you and your family sleep nicely for at least 7-8 hours daily. Try to maintain the harmony of your home and live a stress free life.

Come on India, get a better lifestyle, go natural, stay fit and be IMMUNE!

This is my entry for Indiblogger an Immune India Contest


  1. Thinking of buying Chyavanparash.....

  2. Well written Tarang!...I have used Chyavanprash as a child - remember the good old ad of a sage and his five fingers :)

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