Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hurt Emotions

Lying lifelessly
In the pool of blood, they hurt
Many bleed

Written for: Haiku Heights
                 Poets United
                     Haiku My Heart

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  1. Yes, pain all around in that scenario. Very sad.

  2. yes bleeding heart in the aftermath........nicely done

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, and they don't realize how much pain they cause to their dear ones...

  4. "many bleed"
    never a good reason to
    slaughter innocents

  5. The path of pain that causes more pain, very nicely worded Tarang.

  6. Our pains and sorrows seem enormous and un-ending and just too complex to be sorted out. But when viewed from the lens of others, they shrink down to their normal, endurable size and we realize that we can, in fact, conquer them and move on.

    This is definitely sad, more so because the person is inflicting additional pain on her/his self, probably in order to highlight or overshadow the main problem.

    (uh, sorry for such a gigantic ranting comment. great haiku. :) )

  7. being hurt is the most common feeling..
    no one can escape it..

  8. Poignantly expressed in words and images

  9. The heart pumps blood says science but heart bleeds says the poignant lover. Pain written all over.

  10. What a moving write this is, Tarang!