Tuesday, March 4, 2014

In Dove With Curls!

Breeze flutters the curls
Healthy, shiny volumes bounce
Enhance charisma!

You might have noticed the heroines of Black & White Hindi movies, playing with their curls. I use to do it often, of course when alone, to give my wavy hair nice curls.

Many years back, one of my aunts got her hair permed. When she came back from the parlour, I laughed to see her, thinking it looked as if any goat had chewed it ferociously. But back then it was something new and stylish.

Though, my hair is not curly, I’m glad that I have natural waves in my hair. I like the nice clusters of curls towards the tip while tying the pony or even braids. Sometimes, girls said “Nice steps!” even when I had a simple U-cut.

I have always preferred to keep my hair short. As a kid, I really enjoyed flaunting my front cuts, throwing them back with a shake. But as I grew up, I somehow became conscious and preferred to keep my hair clipped and tied, even if they were short or wet.

I wonder, why? As I love flowing hairs now, curls covering my face sometimes, like #DovePlay!

I like to play with my hairstyle. Whenever, I have a haircut, after sometime, I want them to grow. I use to make plaits, desperately trying to collect little crops. And when, they grow in few months I want a haircut, sometimes shortest possible. I want to try every haircut.

Oiling is very important for good hairs. Earlier, in my carefree days, I used to oil my hair every time I washed them. I used to urge my sister or aunts to oil and massage till I feel like dozing off. I just love it! But as the years elapsed, and many other responsibilities consumed care and free time, I miss it quite often.

Although, I haven’t used it yet, but Dove Elixir looks and sounds really nice. I ‘actually’ use Dove and I really like the effect.

I love a nice massage, wash & conditioned it, and feel the softness of my wavy hair when it is partially dry.

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  1. I have curly hair and for a long time I wanted to have it straightened and when I finally did, I missed the curls so much!

    Have a nice day!

    1. Hi! I don't understand the idea of getting curls straightened...I love curls!:)

      Thanks for visiting!:)

  2. Lovely haiku!
    I always wished I had curly hair, and my cousin she has curly hair she wished she had straight hair! :D

  3. Congratulations dear!!

    And yes I love my straight hair and I experiment with it a lot :P

  4. I love my wavy hair and would not trade it for all the gold in the world :P But yes sometimes they are a lil stubborn...

    1. Same here! And yes, sometimes they are stubborn..Thanks for reading :)

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