Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Book-Review: The Vigil and Other Stories by Gita V Reddy

Finished reading "The Vigil and Other Stories" by Gita V Reddy, a collection of 15 different stories. I read some nice reviews, so decided to read this book.

First of all, the stories are enclosed in a nice cover!

The book opens with the title story. This story "The Vigil" is nice and very thoughtful. It tickled a sweet feeling and left me smiling. . "Open Court" starts really well and manages to hold the grip, though the end was a little confusing. "Time and Space" is based on a thoughtful theme but it ends abruptly.

As I said earlier, yes, stories are different but I had a problem with the way they have been told. I was not fond of short stories but recently I've read some really nice short story collections that changed my perception about short stories but this book couldn't meet my expectations as I couldn't help comparison.

The writing seemed hurried and it lacked detailing, making the stories a little scattered. The narration is very simple, that sometimes, it fails to create a nice imagery. Some stories are too short, considering the type of the story. Despite interesting plots (The excerpts of the stories are very catchy that one may pick this book to read instantly), I found some stories banal.

Most of the stories are women-centric and the author has expressed the emotions of a woman really well.

Overall, for me, it was an average read. If you like reading short stories, it could be a quick and light read.

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