Thursday, April 17, 2014

Summer Delights!

When the scorching heat of summer hits us mercilessly, we think of splashes of water, a cold shower, ice-creams, soothing breeze, cold drinks and so on.

Apart from these lovely things there are some delights that cannot be avoided in summers. These are the essence of summer. Satisfy your eating pleasure. Improve appetite. Above all they are good for health and help you stay fit.


King of fruits. Sweet smelling. Juicy. Yummy. Mangoes are the soul of summer. Everyone loves mango pickles. Apart from being tasty, it has some health benefits also. According to some research, it prevents leukemia, breast and prostate cancer. It is rich in fiber, vitamin A and vitamin C. Good for skin. But, be in control. Overeating can make you look plump after summers! :)


Famous writer Mark Twain had said: "When one has tasted watermelon, he knows what angels eat."

It’s actually fun and soothing to have the pieces of bright watermelons in summer afternoons. But it’s not only fun fruit but it is packed with nutrition. They are rich in Vitamin A B and C. Filled with a lot of water; they act as cooling agent and can beat the heat in summers. It has a red pigment lycopene, which is good for skin. It can quench your thirst and fill your stomach without adding calories.


They are full of water contents, dietary fibers, vitamin A and C, folic acid and potassium. They are low in calories and excellent for those who want to lose weight. They help in maintaining good skin and blood pressure. In summers it’s a great snack for in-between-mealtime hunger.


It’s refreshing to add fresh cucumber in your meals. Its peel is rich in insoluble fiber that prevents constipation. It’s 'very' low in calories and filling thus you can have it to satisfy your in-between-mealtime hunger without worrying about your diet. It’s good for vision, teeth & gums and skin. It’s packed with water content so it keeps you hydrated in summers.

Mint leaves:

Aroma of mint is refreshing and very familiar in summers whenever you visit vegetable market. It’s a cooling agent and helps you fighting with heat. It’s good to have when anyone suffers from headache, stomach ache and indigestion. It can prevent nose and gum bleeding due to excessive heat in summers. It can act as mouth freshener. It can be taken as mint juice, mint leaf herbal tea or chatpata chatni.


In summers, we must add yogurt in our meals. It prevents indigestion and is good for skin. It makes you feel fuller without adding bundles of calories thus helps you to lose weight. It acts as soothing and cleansing element for our body and loaded with calcium and vitamins. It helps you maintain blood pressure and cholesterol. It is good for hair. Raita makes the meals interesting. Isn't it?

Nariyal Paani:

In our country, coconut has auspicious value. Tender coconut water is rich in electrolytes. It's very refreshing and has moderate sugar content i.e. low in calories, so, it could be an excellent alternative to other cold drinks in summers. It is good for skin and hair and helps in weight loss. It keeps the body hydrated and prevents urinal infections. 

Gulp down Nariyal paani when you feel tired in summers. It gives you instant energy!


Water is the elixir of life. You might have heard the dialogue of the movie “Jab We Met” ‘soda cola sab apni jagah par paani ka kaam paani ki karta hai’ How true! No matter what you drink, only water can quench your thirst completely. It keeps you hydrated and flushes out the toxin from your body. Makes your skin glowing. Good for hairs. It improves your excretory system. Helps you lose weight. It’s a great stress buster. And what not? Now we use refrigerator for chilled water in summers but how fascinating it was to use ghara/matka or pitchers! Water can do wonders, so have plenty of water in summer to stay stress free, energized, glowing and fit.


  1. Beautiful Pictures ! Yum Yum ! :D

  2. A very refreshing experience,Taranag. Nice.

    1. Yes, they are so refreshing! Thanks!:)

  3. feel so fresh and lite after reading the post !

  4. Refreshing read Tarang :) Our summers will include all of the above except for coconut water, since the fresh variety is not available here.

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      Oh, no problem. Enjoy the other delights :)

  5. Useful information combined with some great visuals, Tarang. I do love so many things about summer too!

  6. mangoes and melons are just so YUMMMMM yummmyyyyyy