Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Book-Review: Our Moon Has Blood Clots by Rahul Pandita

Finished reading "Our Moon Has Blood Clots" by Rahul Pandita. Read a memoir for the first time and it was good to read something deep and different. Thanks to Random House India for the review copy for an unbiased review!

Hindustan Times said about this book: "This book cannot be ignored. It is powerful, painful and revealing." True that. This book should not be ignored!

Our Moon Has Blood Clots is a poignant memoir of losing home and surviving the hatred buzzing in Kashmir Valley against Kashmiri Pandits. It frames a picture where thousands of Kashmiri Pandits were tortured and killed and were forced to leave their homes.

It is the story of lost home, hardship and survival. In this book, Rahul Pandita recollects those difficult times when he and his family had been forced to leave their home in Kashmir and how they had to strive to survive. I truly appreciate the honesty!

The deep yet lucid narration reflects pain and innocence of childhood. It depicts a sense of loss skillfully and reveals shocking facts! But as the narration keeps fluctuating from present tense to past tense, for me it was a little confusing at times. Sometimes, description of incidents seemed random and repetitive, affecting the crispness (For a book). 

The title and book cover are intriguing and touching.

Overall, for me, it was subtle and enlightening! An engrossing, shocking (I wonder what was the role of the Indian government that time when lots of innocent people were suffering and were being treated so unfairly) and poignant read. 


  1. It is very touching to read such stories .. !! :'(

    1. You're right! And I'm glad I'm trying different genre (Other than my typical Women/romance fiction)..

    2. Same here, being a reviewer gives us that opportunity to experiment with genres. I have now started loving business, inspirational, spiritual genres also. And not to forget some more International Authors :)

  2. By viewing the review itself story seemed to be achingI can visualize what the entire book will contain.Review also is worth-reading.