Thursday, May 8, 2014

You Won't Miss Me

I am putting my books in the carton. Diya is humming some song, perched on the bed. I know she is upset but I'm amazed how she is keeping her chin up. I'm shifting to my new house tomorrow. There's a mixed feeling. Though I'm excited to visit a new place, I'm sad that I'm leaving her.

She is not my own flesh and blood but very very special. I feel truly blessed to have such a wonderful neighbour like her and her family. Never poking their nose in our private matter but always ready to lend a hand. I gladly reciprocate. I wonder if I'll get such a nice neighbour ever.

I look around. Packing is almost done. Then I look at her and reminiscence some lovely moments that we have spent together. It evokes a deep sense of nostalgia.

We talk a lot. She tells a lot of things and I am all ears. I have to laugh on her numerous jokes. And if I don't, she says casually 'Oh, this was not funny'. I enjoy her expression/shrieks while watching a horror film. Her uber-excited chuckle when playing video games. I like cooking her favourite food. I admire her thoughtfulness. She adores my two-year-old son. I love how she keeps an eye on him while I'm busy in some house hold chores. I truly enjoy her company.

Sometimes, I forget that Diya is just an eleven years old little girl.

"You know Diya, I'll miss you a lot." I say.

"No, you won't miss me." She blurts out finally.

I'm surprised. "Why do you think so?" I ask.

"Had you really felt so, you wouldn't have moved in the first place." Comes an instant reply that leaves me speechless.

Written for Write Tribe (It carries six body part idioms)


  1. can be so blunt at times! But well at least they speak their heart out.
    Lovely reading this...seemed like someone actually narrated it verbally :)

  2. Very sweet child. Any one will be sad to leave such a nice company. Nicely woven idioms.

  3. Some children are wise beyond their age. Nicely done Tarang.

  4. beautifully written :) such a wise kid diya is :)

  5. Intelligent post.
    The kid is wiser than her age! :)

  6. Very nicely written Tarang, cuteness ^_^

  7. I feel so connected to this story...I feel like the little girl for I know how it felt when a neighbor who i really adored moved away!

    Reflections on A2Z Challenge-Random Thoughts Naba

  8. So sweet a story because of the sweet child.