Friday, July 25, 2014

Book Review: Romantic Resonance by Ketaki Sane

The blurb and book cover of Romantic Resonance by Ketaki Sane (Leadstart Publishing house) is interesting enough to grab the copy. I really liked the way it started.

"Falling in love is easier because firstly, it's a fall, it follows Newton's Law of gravity and secondly, it's a teamwork, involving two blind people. Rising in a career is often a task because it goes against Newton's Law of gravity, and it is an individual effort." I found these lines really interesting.

The story of Romantic Resonance starts with Arya who is shattered by her break up. She has a wonderful friend like Dhruv who supports her and tries to make her feel better (But she refuses to listen). This story is about the side effects of love and positive effects of friendship. And most importantly, it tells about power of believing!

As I said, this book starts well but as it proceeds, it becomes dull. The author has dragged a single subject too much that it somehow becomes annoying. The writing style is nice but the approach is a little immature. Narration is weak. The book is filled with dialogues (More than necessary) and they take away the charm and stability of a story. Characters are nice but situations have not been sketched well.

Well, I don't want to sound blunt, but for me, it was not an exciting read although it's my favourite genre. I think the author should have taken some more time to polish the story line and writing style.

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