Sunday, July 27, 2014

Black is powerful

"Go buy your things of your choice, but make sure there's not a trace of black in your clothes when you buy them."

"I know."

"And in your watch."


"And your footwear and handbag."

Glaring silence.

"And your travel bag..."

"Oh come on!"

Yes, it happens in many Indian homes. Many people consider black inauspicious in weddings and some other auspicious occasions. Although I follow this culture but I don't understand this. Indian people consider black teeka a shield against evil and yet they consider it inappropriate. Sometimes, I feel bad how some people associate black with negativity.

But I just love black. I feel it represents power and confidence. It's beautiful and stylish! It's complete. Black was one of the first colours used by artists Neolithic cave paintings.

I prefer almost everything black. Here I am listing five black things I want to own.

Montblanc Pen: When I was in college, I liked Reynolds. Now I use Parker (And many other random pens). I have used Pierre Cardin (Didn't like it) but I have never used Montblanc. When I saw  Montblanc writer's edition here, I want to own one!

Black handmade journal I just love their earthy look and texture!

A black sleek convertible car: When I was a kid, I loved red cars. I always wanted to own a red car. Now I own silver but I want to have a black convertible car! I find black sleek cars royal and aristocratic. How joyful ride it could be if it's convertible! It reminds me of a song Kwabon Ke Parinde from Zindagi na milegi dobaara.

Black Pearl: It is mysterious and I think it'd be mesmerizing!

Black Rose: No, I am not fond of roses (Sounds absurd?) but I have never seen a black rose. I somehow couldn't believe that a rose could be black. So, I want to see it.

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  1. Black is always Black! Deepest and darkest of all colours! I too love this colour!<3

  2. Black enhances the prettiness of other colours.God has given us black hair,black iris,etc.Can we get rid of them black is also a pretty colour. So it is powerful.