Sunday, October 19, 2014

Book Review: Beyond Love! by Kiran Joshi

Beyond Forever…in Love! is a light romantic fiction by first time author Kiran Joshi (Pustak Mahal). I read some nice reviews and decided to read this book when the author approached me for the review.

Kamna is a physiotherapist, who eventually realizes that she is in a wrong profession and in a totally wrong relationship. Not sure about her career, she opts for an MBA and shifts to a different city, Mumbai. While she is enjoying her life and studies with her new friends, she meets her old and very handsome patient Varun and they gradually start floating in the ocean of love and excitement. 

When she thinks everything is going perfect, something happens and her life changes completely. One night and Varun is a changed man. Why? To get the answer, you'll have to read the book.

The start was funny. The author has tried to weave an interesting story with beautiful words, but I think the writing style is a little immature. I found a childlike excitement in the narration. There's a 'plastering the car with toilet paper' sequence which is very familiar. I have read the same sequence in some novel maybe in Almost Single (I don't remember exactly).

Frequent usage of 'blabbering' and 'hissed' was a little irritating. I mean, you can't write 'blabbered and hissed' in every normal dialogue. It is okay to write 'he/she said'.  There are two wrongly dated diary entries. The editor should have taken care of the grammatical and editing errors.

But the author has crafted the story well. The execution is nice that keeps you hooked. I would say, as a first time author, it's a decent attempt by Ms. Joshi. The book cover is nice. 

If you like reading easy and light fiction, this book can be a quick and interesting read for you, but it's not for those who seek literary crispness in a book.

I received this book from the author for an honest review.

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