Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Cooking Goals

I am not fond of cooking. But being a wife and a mother, it's nearly impossible to stay away from kitchen. I have realized that cooking special meals is interesting and now I look for interesting (Read quick:)) and nutritious recipes. I fondly watch Mother's Care and Health Challenge on Khana Khazana and Food Food respectively. And some shows on Fox Life Channel.

There is a good thing about my cooking that whenever or whatever I cook or try to cook generally turns out well. I make really nice Shahi Paneer, Kadhi, Samosa, Gulab Jamun, Palak Paneer, Chaat, Bread Pakora, and Pao Bhaaji. Recently, one of my friends shared her recipe of (Healthier version of) Dahi Bhalle and I made it successfully!

I so wanted to learn Dosa and Sambhar as I love South Indian food. But every time I tried it, it would taste like any other dal that smelled like sambhar (Of course due to sambhar masala and curry leaves). I have a tendency to compare my dishes with restaurant made foods.

Recently, I saw a post on Facebook by Saru Singhal in which she said that she successfully completed the challenge of 30 days 30 different breakfast recipes. It was amazing! I casually asked her about sharing recipes and she was so kind to response with those recipes. I am so thankful to her that she is taking trouble to writing those recipes (That I wanted) for me. Looking forward to Thepla and Dhokla. Utthapam turned out really well. I am planning to make dosa and sambhar. I hope it turns out well.

And now, my cooking goals are Pizza and Cakes.  Anyone reading this? Please share your interesting and different recipes and tips and tricks to make regular meals interesting.

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  1. It's good that whatever you cook turns out well. I have a cake recipe and it comes out really well. It's eggless, will share it with you.
    Thanks for the mention and please mail me Pao Bhaji recipe.

  2. You made my mouth water with all those names there :P

    Do I consider myself invited? ;)

  3. You're most welcome Namrata! Any time :)

  4. I make pizza every week or so. It's one of my quick and easy meals to make. I usually double the dough recipe and put half in the freezer. I hardly use red sauce anymore. I like to use pesto from a jar. Lately, I've been carmelizing onions and using in place of the sauce.
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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your idea! :)

  5. Good luck on your CHALLENGE!


  6. Hey this callenge sounds fun - 30 days 30 breakfasts - fantastic. I make dosas pretty often since the kids love them but the batter is store bought so not much effort there. Will drop by with a recipe if I find one that looks doable. And of course will follow your kitchen adventures.