Monday, January 26, 2015

Slumber of Sadness

Unfairness of destiny
Monuments of failure
Torture and suck up all the hope
Engrossed in dismay
You forget to rekindle
Life seems so ugly that eyes refuse to see
Refuse to search the hidden beauty, maybe
But, you never know
Beauty lies somewhere
Under wraps, in the multi-layered destiny
It may kiss you
Touch you tenderly
Like a breath of fresh air
And wake you from the slumber of sadness

Written For: The Mag
                            Poets United 


  1. You have touched on what true beauty is here Tarang. Truly beautiful!!

  2. The title is striking and your ending is the hopeful shaking of the sleeper.

  3. that's a really nice take on the prompt!

  4. We all need to remember to rekindle when our fires burn low. Nicely done.


  5. Like the way the beauty is hidden, not by the negative, but by the closed eyes.