Sunday, March 6, 2016

JNU: All that anxiety and fuss

I am amazed how things take turns, and get twisted in our country. How thinking varies with caste, community and gender. The thing that's unfair is equally unfair for every single individual. It can't be categorised or enhanced or reduced differently for different people.

This JNU thing has created an uproar. Actually, to the extent which, I think, was not necessary. This is a topic that I tried my best to avoid. But couldn't.

What happened?

It was not anything unusual for JNU. They are people with amazing energy. But, disturbance started with some slogans that some students were shouting (And there's no doubt about it). Slogans that were not in good taste, and certainly not in the favour of our nation. It doesn't mean that the whole JNU was burning in this "Aazaadi"thing. It's not that difficult to understand that it's not about entire JNU. It's about a bunch of destructive anti-social, anti-national (Not aunty-National) elements. 

Then, out of nowhere, strange voices emerge in support of JNU and the problem that reeked of danger, seemed to tamper the sense of security, takes a back seat. Some called it idea, freedom of expression and Brunch (Hindustan times) called it intelligence!

Well, idea is a broad term, and can cover various things. Anything. From something constructive to destructive. In a place like college/University, ideas must breathe freely but don't you think it should be "constructive ideas"?

Then, "Freedom of Expression". In India, this term has evolved massively. But again, I'd say, it's a constructive term, and one cannot get away with "I-Am-Free-To-Do-Whatever-I-Want-To-Do" attitude in the name of 'freedom of expression'. With this meaning, anything and everything can fall under this category. Even those posters against Kanhaiya Kumar. Can one approve that? Certainly NOT!

I somehow felt that targeting Kanhaiya Kumar was a kind of distraction. It is important to know that: If not him, then who? Nobody seems to know. Not even JNU leaders who speak in a signature tone and style. It is like that filmy crime scene that happens publicly but nobody accepts that he/she was present there and has seen that happen.

Supporting what has happened at JNU doesn't make one cool or supremely intellectual. It's a serious issue and needs to be investigated thoroughly. If everything is clean, what could be better than that?

It's not an unusual thing if someone tries to damage the peace and integrity of our country. It happens quite often and engulfs several precious lives. If anything seriously dangerous happens, everyone starts blaming the Government and our security system very conveniently.

And Now!

When Kanhaiya Kumar is back, everyone is behaving like he has returned from the Border after a huge victory. As if he is a freedom fighter and the Government is like British rulers. It seems that opposition has taken this term quite literally. They think their job is just to oppose. Anything is fair for political benefits. And, it's so immature of BJP to react to Kanhaiya Kumar's speech like this. Media is vying for his interview! (Well, one can easily understand the competition of coverage. If they can show live telecast of serious and dangerous attacks then it is cypher in that comparison! After all it's a number (TRP) game)

It seems that everyone is unnecessarily portraying his heroic picture. Something he might have expected. To evolve as a revolutionary or politician.

Who is he? Student? No comments. Politician? Maybe, and it's okay. Revolutionary? A good thing to be but someone please tell me what this revolution is all about? What is this fuss about "Aazaadi"? Which kind of Aazaadi JNU students seek?


  1. I couldn't agree more! Aazadi from what and to do what? Kanhaiya Kumar has got a stroke of luck! Never could he have asked for a better platform and a launch into national politics, he can thank the bjp and mindless media anytime for this

  2. You're right! He must be thanking them behind the camera. And, even film-makers are now talking about films on Kanhaiya Kumar! Who is he? A hero!?

    Thanks for Visiting my blog, Rubina!

  3. I will be very honest, Tarang. With the amount of coverage the situation has gotten in the press, after a point I just switched off from the entire JNU episode. Beyond a point, it doesn't make sense to me. Media is mostly worried about TRP and generating news instead of reporting it and now who is to say what is true?

    Agree with your points about undue importance and spotlight given to the lead protagonist here but then again life is a stage and all the men/women merely players. Perhaps some people choose to take this literally.

  4. You are right, Shailaja. It's so irritating. I tried to avoid writing this post but so many thoughts were churning that I couldn't.