Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Natural Alarm in Our Brain

If you are anxious or over-exited about any forthcoming event before sleeping, you are more likely to wake up far before the alarm buzzes.

But, some people have natural alarm installed in their brains. Just tell them, "Please wake me @ 4 in the morning." and they can schedule themselves to do it just like an alarm. Not that they stay awake to wake you up.

I have never been a morning person (Except it's absolutely necessary like exams or something like that). I prefer staying awake till 3-4 am. rather than getting up early in the morning.

One of my family friends wakes up (too) early and cleans everything like a maniac.

"You know, I woke up late today." She said one day.


"4:45 am."

I know your days are more productive if you're an early bird (Except writing). Mornings are beautiful and refreshing, and it gifts you your much deserved 'me time'.

During my boards, my grandfather used to wake me up every morning even before my alarm. I felt that the alarm in my clock was useless. I used to tell the time (I wanted to get up at) and he was right there knocking at my door. Every single time!

How could he do that every single day? It's true that sleeping pattern changes with age, still...

"How does he do that? Every single day?" I asked my grandmother, one day.

"Meditate, and tell "Tarang, wake me up @ 5 in the morning" before going to bed, and see the magic!" She said smiling.

Of course, she was joking! Right?

"Tarang, wake me up @ 5 in the morning." I took a deep breath and said this to me.

At 4:55 am, I was wide awake. Sounds creepy, isn't it?

Later, after trying a couple of times (with 90% success rate), I forgot about it.

Recently, again trying to be a morning person (I love that silence and me time in the morning), I tried this and surprisingly, it worked. But, the thing is that I tend to forget about it!

Psychology says that human brains have natural alarm. Just, our body and brain need to coordinate and cooperate. And, it seems my body and brain have started to do that! I've managed to some extent.

In doing so, I have realised:

That for getting up early, you need to have something to look forward to.

That you should go slow. Don't try to get up @ 5 if you generally wake up @ 8. It won't work. Try shifting by 10-15 minutes.

And, if the sound of alarm irks you, you can always try telling yourself every night, ""Your Name", wake me up @..."

Did you know about this? Do you have any such quirks? Would you like to try this? If you do, please come back and tell me if it worked or not?


  1. I agree, there is something like body clock, and only realised when need to reach office at 630 in morning, past few months. Initially, I took alarm's help but after a few days of struggle at 5, my body readjusted itself for the new waking up time. And I started to beat the clock.

  2. I wake up early, before 6 everyday (even weekends) and don't need an alarm too! It makes me feel better and refreshed the whole day.

  3. @ Hemendra Saini: Body clock, yes. Thanks for reading this post, Hemendra!

    @ Alok: Yes, mornings are refreshing, and makes your day productive! Thanks for your comment, Alok!

  4. Wow! I really didnt know about this... But I have an experience... Once I had forgotten my mobile at home and I realised that only after getting into train. My destination would reach at 4am next day and I was scared that I might oversleep... Thankfully, it didnt happen. Instead I woke up by 4AM myself as if alarm had buzzed... Now U understand how that happened!

  5. Hi Loco mente! It happens. As I have said "If you are anxious or over-exited about any forthcoming event before sleeping, you are more likely to wake up far before the alarm buzzes"

    Thanks for reading and caring to leave a comment!

  6. There is a biological clock in every person's body,but it works for routines.Routines get registered in the mind and so body gets set for that without our intention.But this alarm clock I've not tried.I will try.A Useful post.