Friday, June 24, 2016

Let Things Go

Some emotions are so strong that we get stuck, unable to move on. But think, how would you greet a new morning if you are too fond of the last night? How would you travel if you are terribly homesick? Bad examples, maybe, but you got it, right?

Memories are like stars or moon. They are always there, sometimes flashing, sometimes quiescent. It’s not a good idea to make them a small sphere where you get trapped.  Let go of it, and move on. It doesn’t mean that you have completely detached yourself from them.

So, it was about life. Now, something about writing.

My book We Will Meet Again is going to release next month, and I have finally submitted my final edits (No editorial changes would be accepted now), and I am stuck in my manuscript with a deep sense of discontentment. Constantly thinking that it could have better. I could have added this. Could have removed that…and honestly, it makes my confidence and enthusiasm sink.

It’s obviously useful but point 6 made me thinking.

It says: Remember that, sooner or later, before it ever reaches perfection, you will have to let it go and move on and start to write the next thing. Perfection is like chasing the horizon. Keep moving.

Really, even my publisher Mr. Pulkit Gupta (Author of Life and Promises) said to me that at some point of time I will have to move ahead to the next level of publishing.

Improvement is a constant process that always keeps a room for itself. You tend to find some flaws or scope for improvement every time you go through your work.This tip and thought gave me some solace. Some solace because I’m still not calm. I am eagerly waiting for reader’s reviews. I’ll be happy if they are good. I will see my own writing in a new light if they are not so good. 


  1. Hi Tarang! Congratulations on your upcoming book! How exciting. It is so normal to think about all the things that you would change and do differently but as I wrote a blog post on my own blog, "When good enough and done is better than perfect." In fact, I have come to appreciate the fact that I am not a perfectionist at all, and sure I make mistakes, but I do so very much more. Think about it, I'll be you know dozens of people who say they "want" to write a book but never, ever will. That's because they are afraid of how they will be judged. Writers who publish must be willing to finish it and then let it go. Good for you and now, what is the next one going to be about? ~Kathy

  2. I think anyone who has a published novel should feel incredibly proud of themselves. Well done on taking on and succeeding in such a wonderful venture. I hope you get fantastic feedback.

  3. Congratulations on the book. I'm certain creative people are never completely happy with the finished product, but your book will be fab. Good luck!

  4. Good wishes Tarang.Every piece we write demands improvement whenever we read it.I can feel this for every post I have written till yet. Though, I found each subsequent post better than the last ones.

  5. Even the perfect ones penned by perfect writers carry scope for improvement.And perfection's degree or percentage varies from reader to reader.So it is an unfeaible task to bring perfection in things in accordance with others' views. If you feel that it is good enough, that will become more than enough.Go ahead with no doubt.All the best.

  6. I love that perfection is like chasing the horizon! So exciting about your book, but yes I am still editing so I can't imagine what its like to no be able to anymore, exciting and scary! #Fridayreflections

  7. Hello Kathy,

    Thank you so much for your comment! Can you please share the link of your post. Would love to read that (I tried but couldn't find).

    Well said about 'being judged', yes it is the biggest fear that we need to let go of. About my next work, it is in my mind (and random scribbling on paper). Want to see the response of my first work. Thanks for visiting. :)

  8. @ Leanne: Thank you so much!

    @ Corinne: Feeling good that you think so! Thank you!

    @ Upasna: You are right! Thank you.

    @ Rudraprayaga: Very well said! Thanks for your encouraging words.

    @ Mackenzie: I agree what you have said about editing. Yes, that line is inspiring and thoughtful. Thanks you!

  9. Congratulations on that book. You're right about wanting to edit constantly as well as that one has to let go at some point. Somedays I read my old posts on the blog and cringe and think of editing them - but then that was just how I wrote back then. I need to let it be.

  10. Thank you, Tulika!

    It happens, and you're right about not editing them. It shows our growth :)

  11. Congratulations on your book! I've never begun writing a long piece thinking I might do better if I do it much later..I guess it's time to start now. Loved Neil's advice too.

  12. Hello Darshana,

    Thank you!

    Now is the time! Go ahead. How can we get better if we don't write at all?

    Yes, it somehow changes your perspective.