Thursday, June 23, 2016

Thank you, my writer friends!

These days, I am always thinking about my first book "We Will Meet Again"

It's been a long journey, and tough one (for me). But, I never stopped chasing my dream.

I thought writing was tough; but, I realised that publishing my was tougher. But, I don't mind this as I have learned a lot. And, learning is wonderful, isn't it?

I have finally submitted my manuscript (and it goes for typesetting). Editing is like re-writing, and I have realised that basically a writer writes his/her book several times. Making small changes. Trying to make it better, every single day. Sleepless nights.

Feeling excited and jittery at the same time! 'What if...' running in my mind. And strangely, there's a sense of loss. The feeling that I don't have to interact with my characters anymore makes me sad.

As a writer, it is difficult to judge your own work because you have worked really hard. Those words are precious. Your characters are dear to you. But, when editing, you have to be merciless. You need to detach yourself from those precious words that you have written so fondly.

My book is going to release in July. However, it is up for pre-orders on Pustak Mandi @ flat 30% discount. 

I hope you like my book, We Will Meet Again.

Here I would like to mention some of my writer friends for their invaluable support even before the release of my book. Big thank you to:

Namrata - Privy Trifles (author of Metro Diaries) for being a true friend. For working with me on my blurb. For sharing your insights. I can't thank you enough for those endless odd time chats and shares.

Shuchi Kalra (Author of I Am Big So What), Preethi Venugopala (Author of Without You), Kavita Devgan (Author of Don't Diet), Saru Singhal (One of the most popular and creative bloggers), Harshita Shrivastava (Author of Bad Romance), Sri (author of Frankly Spooking), Shailaja & Shantala for sharing my book cover and links. So kind of you.

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